Blankets: An Illustrated Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1: Cubby Hole

• Craig and Phil are brothers.

• The boys share a room and often argue about it.

• Phil gets sent to the Cubby Hole to sleep.

• The boys pretend they are involved in a shipwreck.
• Craig hates school.

• Craig is bullied.

• Craig thinks about running away.

• Craig grows up striving for the eternal world.
• Craig and Phil amuse themselves by playing outside.

• Craig and Phil have artistic talents.

• Craig considers going into seminary.
• Craig believes that his art is keeping him from God.

• Craig burns his drawings.

Chapter 2: Stirring Furnace

• Craig talks about living in Wisconsin.

• The farmhouse is old and uninsulated.

• The boys love winter and the cold weather.
• The boys go to church camp.

• Church camp is almost the same as school.
• Craig recounts his church camp experiences over the years.

• Craig meets Raina.

• Craig feels out of place.
• Craig explains that he does not...

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