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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Maggie's husband?

2. What does one of the workers show Richard to demonstrate how dangerous working at the sawmill can be?

3. Who offers to give Richard a ride home?

4. Why do Pease and Reynolds refuse to train Richard on the optic machines?

5. What kind of weapon does Richard hide under his pillow?

Short Essay Questions

1. What job does Richard find in Chapter 5?

2. Why does Richard fight his Uncle Tom?

3. How does Richard respond when his principal demands that he reads his speech for graduation?

4. Why does Richard develop a bitter association between his father and hunger?

5. How does Granny injure herself in Chapter 5?

6. What does Richard eat for his meals in Jackson?

7. How do Pease and Reynolds treat Richard at the optical factory?

8. How does Richard's mother punish him for burning down the house?

9. What does Wright think about his writing career in retrospect?

10. What happens when Richard gets a flat tire on his bicycle?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss differences between the novel and autobiographical formats. What are the main elements of a novel? What are the main elements of an autobiography? What can Wright not express in an autobiography that he can in a novel? How does Wright use these limitations to his advantage?

Essay Topic 2

Compare the differences between the North and the South.

1) How did whites treat blacks differently in the South than they did in the North?

2) Why did black people stay in the South when people viewed it as so racist?

3) Why does Richard find life in the North just as unsatisfactory as he found life in the South?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the values of early 20th century America

1) How did the whites view blacks in the early 20th century?

2) What significant changes do you think occurred during this period that changed the way whites viewed blacks?

3) Does today's society share any values with early 20th century America?

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