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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the principal think he will keep Richard from doing if he does not read his speech?
(a) Graduating
(b) Writing
(c) Working
(d) Living

2. Where did the black boy work?
(a) A restaurant
(b) A factory
(c) A cafe
(d) A hotel

3. What does Granny equate literary fiction with?
(a) Lies
(b) Hell
(c) Sin
(d) Kindness

4. Who moves in with the family in this chapter?
(a) Uncle David
(b) Aunt Edie
(c) Brother Formby
(d) Uncle Tom

5. What does Richard pawn in this chapter?
(a) A diamond
(b) Shoes
(c) A guitar
(d) A gun

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Richard neglect to call one of the white youths?

2. Where does Richard work next?

3. What does Richard do when his employers mock him for wanting to become a writer?

4. What does one boy claim gonorrhea is?

5. How does Richard help Granny to request money from her relatives?

Short Essay Questions

1. What advice does Grigg offer Richard?

2. Why does Richard stop selling the newspaper?

3. What does Richard do after he has read his speech at graduation?

4. How does Richard's boss respond when Richard tells him he was bitten by his dog?

5. Why does Richard fight his Uncle Tom?

6. Why does Richard dislike his job with the white family?

7. What does Richard do to raise money to move away from the South?

8. How does Granny injure herself in Chapter 5?

9. Why does Richard develop a bitter association between his father and hunger?

10. Where does Richard first find his love for books?

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