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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who joins Richard in Memphis?
(a) His Uncle Tom
(b) His grandmother
(c) His father
(d) His brother and mother

2. What does Richard say he feels like when a Jewish boy comes in to time how long it takes for him to clean?
(a) An idiot
(b) A slave
(c) Friendless
(d) A child

3. Whose work does Wright want to read?
(a) Mencken's
(b) Baldwin's
(c) Faulkner's
(d) Twain's

4. What reason does Richard give for leaving the South?
(a) To have more freedom
(b) To be near his mother
(c) To write
(d) To get married

5. What does Richard think he needs to build a bridge of?
(a) Love
(b) Words
(c) Variety
(d) Freedom

6. What does Shorty allow a white man to do to him for a quarter?
(a) Hit him
(b) Kiss him
(c) Kick him
(d) Push him over

7. What is Bill's favorite phrase?
(a) Watch your back Jack
(b) Let us all start over again
(c) Hang em all
(d) Brain drain

8. What does Richard tell his black comrade he does for a living?
(a) Writes books
(b) Sweeps roads
(c) Empties bins
(d) Boxes

9. Where does Richard move to?
(a) Memphis
(b) Raleigh
(c) Dallas
(d) Los Angeles

10. Where does Richard find work?
(a) A delicatessen
(b) A hostel
(c) A restaurant
(d) A movie theater

11. Who is the only person among Richard's family in Chicago who does not fall ill?
(a) Ellie
(b) Alan
(c) Maggie
(d) Richard

12. Where does Richard work with restless boys?
(a) Gangland North
(b) Happy Homes
(c) West Side Boys' Club
(d) South Side Boys' Club

13. What role does Richard get at the Federal Relief Theater?
(a) Publicity agent
(b) Light technician
(c) Director
(d) Casting agent

14. What is Wright fearful of doing at work?
(a) Lying
(b) Making a mistake
(c) Giving in to stealing
(d) Offending the whites

15. What does the Party charge Ross with?
(a) A consumerist personality
(b) Treachory
(c) Adultery
(d) Anti-leadership tendencies

Short Answer Questions

1. Who throws Richard out of the May Day parade?

2. What character working in the hospital basement scares Richard?

3. What is Ross facing legal prosecution for?

4. Where does Richard meet a young black man?

5. What is the name of Miss Moss' daughter?

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