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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Richard do when his employers mock him for wanting to become a writer?
(a) Quits
(b) Breaks a window
(c) Laughs at her
(d) Slaps her

2. What does Granny think Richard has said?
(a) He has seen a naked woman
(b) He has seen an angel
(c) He has found God
(d) He believes in the devil

3. Where is Richard going when the boys rob him?
(a) The library
(b) School
(c) The paper shop
(d) The grocery store

4. Who does Richard see beat a black woman?
(a) The mayor
(b) His boss' wife
(c) His boss
(d) His brother

5. Why does Wright's boss beat the black woman?
(a) He was bored
(b) She cannot afford to pay her credit installments
(c) She talked back to him
(d) She stole form the shop

6. Where does Richard work after the hotel?
(a) An opera theater
(b) A ship
(c) A restaurant
(d) A movie theater

7. Where does RIchard want to move to?
(a) Mexico
(b) Canada
(c) The North
(d) Europe

8. What kind of food does the woman offer Richard to eat?
(a) Moldy food
(b) Soul food
(c) Gourmet food
(d) Meat balls

9. What does Wright say he would have done if he had known there were so many obstacles to overcome as a writer?
(a) Moved to Paris
(b) Abandoned his quest
(c) Gone to a deserted island
(d) Married early

10. In what way does Richard think thievery is encouraged?
(a) Bosses would rather have dishonest workers
(b) Bosses tempt the workers
(c) Bosses hit their workers
(d) Bosses rarely pay wages

11. What city does Alan move to?
(a) Chicago
(b) Detroit
(c) Memphis
(d) New York

12. What does Richard do to stop feeling so hungry?
(a) Talks a lot
(b) Staples his stomach
(c) Drinks water
(d) Steals from butchers

13. What does Wright do after he gives his speech?
(a) Turns his back on the crowd
(b) Gives a black power salute
(c) Cries
(d) Walks away

14. What kind of hat do the two boys knock off Richard's head?
(a) A bowler hat
(b) A top hat
(c) A baseball hat
(d) A straw hat

15. What does Richard have to fight Uncle Tom off with?
(a) Razors
(b) A stick
(c) A spear
(d) A knife

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Richard neglect to call one of the white youths?

2. Why does Ella have to stop work?

3. Which of the following do the gangs not use as weapons?

4. Who offers to give Richard a ride home?

5. How does Richard kill the kitten?

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