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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can Richard now do with his class mates?
(a) Tease girls
(b) Play football
(c) Fight
(d) Eat lunch

2. What does Richard suffer from in Granny's house at night?
(a) Seizures
(b) Crying fits
(c) Insomnia
(d) Nightmares

3. What does the congregation pressure Richard and other boys to do?
(a) Get baptized
(b) Build a church
(c) Marry
(d) Find girlfriends

4. What is the title of the short story that Richard writes?
(a) Feeling Low is a Normal Feeling For Me
(b) Black Boys in Wonderland
(c) The Voodoo of Hell's Half-Acre
(d) Garden Wars

5. What does Richard start selling to earn money?
(a) Magazines
(b) Posters
(c) Newspapers
(d) Life insurance

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Richard going when the boys rob him?

2. How does Richard kill the kitten?

3. What does Richard do when his employers mock him for wanting to become a writer?

4. What kind of food does the woman offer Richard to eat?

5. Which of the following do the gangs not use as weapons?

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