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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose work does Wright want to read?
(a) Mencken's
(b) Twain's
(c) Faulkner's
(d) Baldwin's

2. What does Richard like about his job selling newspapers?
(a) Annoying white people
(b) Reading the stories
(c) Earning money
(d) Meeting white people

3. What can Richard now do with his class mates?
(a) Fight
(b) Eat lunch
(c) Tease girls
(d) Play football

4. What city does Alan move to?
(a) Chicago
(b) New York
(c) Detroit
(d) Memphis

5. What kind of weapon does Richard hide under his pillow?
(a) A gun
(b) A knife
(c) A tomahawk
(d) A stick

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Richard's boss offer him in the storeroom?

2. What does one of the workers show Richard to demonstrate how dangerous working at the sawmill can be?

3. What do Granny and Addie give up their efforts to do?

4. What does Granny forbid in her house?

5. Why do Pease and Reynolds refuse to train Richard on the optic machines?

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