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Chapter 1

• Richard Wright is brought up in a poor black family in Natchez, Tennessee.

• At four-years-old, Richard attempts to burn down his Grandmother's house and kills a stray kitten.
• Richard's father, unable to cope with raising a family in poverty, abandons his wife and children.

• Richard's mother has no choice but to put her children into an orphanage.

Chapter 2

• Richard's mother finally takes her children out of the orphanage with the idea of moving to Arkansas to live with her sister.

• Before moving to Arkansas, the family stays with Grandma in Mississippi.

• At Grandma's house Richaad learns the power of reading, but he struggles with his Grandma's religious zealotry.
• Richard and his family take a train to Arkansas. Richard is made aware of segregation for the first time when he has to sit in a part separate from the white passengers.

• Richard experiences plentiful food and strong male...

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