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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the lieutenant on board the Coast Guard ship investigating the Odyssey?

2. Who is the Homeland Security Special Assistant Dirk meets in Chapter 41?

3. What is the first sign of an imminent rocket launch off the Sea Launch platform?

4. What happens to Kang's yacht?

5. What does Tongju do with Dirk and Dahlgren immediately after their capture?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Dirk and Summer plan to do after joining the Deep Endeavor in Chapter 46?

2. Describe how Kang attempts to salvage his plan after the failed rocket launch.

3. What happens to the blimp after it first takes off from the Odyssey?

4. Describe Dirk Jr.'s feelings as he watches the launch from the Odyssey in Chapter 59.

5. Describe what happens to the Zenit rocket after its launch.

6. Describe Dirk's role with the SEAL team in Chapter 64.

7. What do Dirk Pitt, Sr., and Al do after they land at LAX in Chapter 48?

8. What information do Dirk and Summer share with the authorities in Chapter 41?

9. Describe what happens after Dirk Sr. and Al spot the Badger tied up to the Odyssey.

10. Describe the end of Tongju.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The theme of destruction for personal gain runs throughout the novel. Looking at the book as a whole, discuss how substantive this theme is, evaluating whether or not it is compelling enough to support the weight of the whole book. Identify several incidences in the plot that support this theme and evaluate how effective those incidents are in holding the story together.

Essay Topic 2

A good villain can make or break a story. Evaluate Kang - his nature, his mind, his strategy, his tactics, and his temperament as he relates to the story. Discuss in detail his "psychological profile," citing specific incidents or quotes that support your findings. Discuss his relationships with both his henchmen and the story's protagonists. Determine and discuss his effectiveness as a villain as he serves the story.

Essay Topic 3

Evaluate Cussler as a storyteller. How effective is he at winding out a yarn? Can you evaluate his storytelling ability apart from his writing style, the believability of his characters, and the plausibility of the plot? If he were to ask your counsel, i.e. "How can I improve my storytelling?", what would you tell him? Consider his writing style. How would you define it? What about the elements of pacing? His ability to keep the reader engaged? To move readers to complete "just one more chapter?" Identify specific elements from the book that support your answers.

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