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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the South Korean president after the revelations about Kang come to light?

2. How does Giordino manage to get the blimp airborne when leaving the Odyssey?

3. Where do Tongju, Kim, and two other commandos plan to run after leaving the Koguryo?

4. Who does Lee realize has betrayed him in Chapter 62?

5. What was the cost of the launch vehicle which, according to Christiano, "went up in flames?"

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe what happens to the Zenit rocket after its launch.

2. What is the role of the USS Benfold in Chapter 63?

3. What information do Dirk and Summer share with the authorities in Chapter 41?

4. What initially happens after Dirk and Dahlgren board the Odyssey?

5. What happens to Kwan and Kang's empire?

6. What happens to the Badger upon the launch of the rocket from the Odyssey?

7. Describe how Kang attempts to salvage his plan after the failed rocket launch.

8. What happens to the blimp after it first takes off from the Odyssey?

9. What do Tongju and some of his closest soldiers plan to do after the failure of the rocket launch from the Odyssey?

10. What does a launch engineer tell Ling in Chapter 58, and what is Ling and Tongju's response?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Consider the way Cussler structures his plot. Is he a "formula" writer? If so, what "formula" does he use? Analyzing the book as a whole, compare the book to other books or movies in popular culture. Since the Dirk Pitt books are considered a series or "franchise," compare them to other series or franchises. In your discussion, rate Cussler's work in Black Wind to any one entry in another series (we are assuming that Black Wind is the only Dirk Pitt novel you have read.) Compare and contrast heroes, villains, plots, etc.

Essay Topic 2

A good villain can make or break a story. Evaluate Kang - his nature, his mind, his strategy, his tactics, and his temperament as he relates to the story. Discuss in detail his "psychological profile," citing specific incidents or quotes that support your findings. Discuss his relationships with both his henchmen and the story's protagonists. Determine and discuss his effectiveness as a villain as he serves the story.

Essay Topic 3

Evaluate Cussler as a storyteller. How effective is he at winding out a yarn? Can you evaluate his storytelling ability apart from his writing style, the believability of his characters, and the plausibility of the plot? If he were to ask your counsel, i.e. "How can I improve my storytelling?", what would you tell him? Consider his writing style. How would you define it? What about the elements of pacing? His ability to keep the reader engaged? To move readers to complete "just one more chapter?" Identify specific elements from the book that support your answers.

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