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Short Answer Questions

1. What is lost in the news during the reporting of the failed missile launch?

2. What just about causes Pitt to pass out on board the Badger after the launch?

3. What new craft do Pitt and Giordino pick up at LAX in Chapter 48?

4. Why is there no manual override on the Odyssey so that the rocket launch might be stopped?

5. How do those on board the Koguryo know something is wrong with the Odyssey?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Dirk and Summer plan to do after joining the Deep Endeavor in Chapter 46?

2. What happens to change Kang's plans after he and his men have taken over the Odyssey?

3. What happens after Pitt Sr. and Al spot several ships in their surveillance system on board the blimp?

4. How do Dirk Sr. and Al rescue Dirk Jr. and Jack from the Odyssey?

5. What is the role of the USS Benfold in Chapter 63?

6. Describe how Kang attempts to salvage his plan after the failed rocket launch.

7. What happens to the blimp after it first takes off from the Odyssey?

8. How does Pitt Sr. escape the sinking Odyssey platform?

9. What does a launch engineer tell Ling in Chapter 58, and what is Ling and Tongju's response?

10. Describe the final scene with Dirk and Sarah.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Black Wind begins, as do many of Cussler's books, with a historical incident. Explain why Cussler employs this technique. Discuss how the historical context provides foundation for the rest of the story. Discuss how effective this device is, going into some detail as to whether this acts as a distraction or as a necessary part of the storytelling.

Essay Topic 2

Consider the way Cussler structures his plot. Is he a "formula" writer? If so, what "formula" does he use? Analyzing the book as a whole, compare the book to other books or movies in popular culture. Since the Dirk Pitt books are considered a series or "franchise," compare them to other series or franchises. In your discussion, rate Cussler's work in Black Wind to any one entry in another series (we are assuming that Black Wind is the only Dirk Pitt novel you have read.) Compare and contrast heroes, villains, plots, etc.

Essay Topic 3

Dialogue can often propel a story forward. Cussler's heroes tend to make broad, inspirational statements and have plenty of quips at the ready. His villains tend to do everything but twirl their mustaches - note the times when the villains speak, they "hiss" or their words are "spat out." Looking through the novel, pick out ten quotes from the protagonists (the two Dirks, Summer, Al, Jack, etc.) and ten quotes from the antagonists (Kang, Tongju, etc.) Try to come up with a mix of quotes that sound pitch-perfect and persuasive, and quotes that are "groaners," better suited as balloons in a cartoon panel. For each quote, evaluate why it does or doesn't work, and discuss whether or not Cussler's use of dialogue is appropriate for the book's context or not.

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