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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Japanese Red Army?
(a) An American militia group.
(b) A terrorist group thought to be largely defunct.
(c) A terrorist group during WWII.
(d) A special military arm of the Japanese armed forces.

2. Who was the creator of the G8 summit?
(a) Gerard Depardieu.
(b) Charles de Gaulle.
(c) Giscard d'Estaing.
(d) David Ben Gurion.

3. What injury does Sarah sustain in the car chase and subsequent wreck?
(a) A broken rib.
(b) A broken leg.
(c) A skull fracture.
(d) A broken arm.

4. Who is the captain of the Sea Rover?
(a) Madison.
(b) Murphy.
(c) Morgan.
(d) Pitt.

5. How is the Japanese submarine destroyed?
(a) It runs aground on a reef.
(b) It is sunk by a mine.
(c) It is bombed by a V-52.
(d) It is rammed by an American destroyer.

6. Who does Catana meet at a bar in South Korea?
(a) A double agent.
(b) A Korean ambassador.
(c) A woman he thinks is a prostitute.
(d) His superior officer.

7. Who is the Ukrainian that runs Kang's research lab?
(a) Steve.
(b) Sarcov.
(c) Sarghov.
(d) Sergei.

8. Who is the research vessel looking for in Chapter 3?
(a) Pitt and Jolie.
(b) Pitt and Dahlgren.
(c) Jack and Al.
(d) Laurel and Hardy.

9. Who does Tanaka work for?
(a) The Foundation for Illness Multiplication.
(b) The Army Consortium for Pharmacy Studies.
(c) The Centers for Disease Control.
(d) Army Medical School's Epidemic Disease Prevention Study Group.

10. What was smallpox known as by the ancient Aztecs?
(a) The Great Leprosy.
(b) The Great Disease.
(c) The Black Death.
(d) The Great Plague.

11. Where does President Ward desire that the G8 summit meet?
(a) At a Beverly Hills hotel.
(b) At Alcatraz.
(c) At Disneyland.
(d) At Yellowstone Park.

12. What attacks the Sea Rover in Chapter 26?
(a) A kamikaze airplane.
(b) A Korean fringe group.
(c) A dozen commandos from Kang's ship.
(d) A renegade Japanese submarine.

13. What do Dirk and Summer find on board the I-411?
(a) Skeletons of crewmen.
(b) Plutonium.
(c) A second small submarine.
(d) Weapon canisters.

14. What make of car do the Asian thugs drive when chasing Dirk?
(a) A Pinto.
(b) An Infinity.
(c) A Cadillac.
(d) A Lexus.

15. Who is Irv Fowler?
(a) An inventor who learned how to weaponize cyanide.
(b) A submarine commander from WWII.
(c) A scientist saved from the Aleutian Island poisoning at the beginning of the book.
(d) An American scientist from WWII.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Dirk and Jack initially think the fishing trawler is doing in Chapter 2?

2. How does Summer save Dirk from drowning?

3. Who is the commander of I-403?

4. What has been removed from the Japanese sub Dirk and Dahlgren discover?

5. What possibly airborne toxin seems to be responsible for the illness of the scientists in Chapter 5?

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