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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the payload on board the I-403's final voyage?
(a) Freeze-dried anthrax.
(b) Freeze-dried bubonic plague.
(c) Freeze-dried measles.
(d) Freeze-dried smallpox.

2. What does the British ambassador congratulate the U.S. ambassador for?
(a) His taste in clothes.
(b) His ability to speak Japanese.
(c) His golf game.
(d) An economic partnership with Tokyo.

3. Where is Kang's private island lair?
(a) Kalipso.
(b) Kyodongdo.
(c) Krypton.
(d) Kalispel.

4. How does Gunn know the Sea Rover has disappeared?
(a) The Sea Rover no longer shows up on satellite imagery.
(b) Dirk is able to get a radio message to NUMA.
(c) The Sea Rover issued an SOS.
(d) He is no longer receiving a GPS signal.

5. How do Dirk and Summer propose to salvage the bombs from the I-411?
(a) By raising the submarine to the surface.
(b) By using controlled explosive charges.
(c) By cutting through the submarine's bulkheads.
(d) By deploying a team of divers.

6. Who is the veteran engineer who prepares the Odyssey for sea travel?
(a) Danny Stamp.
(b) Danny Smith.
(c) Danny Stewart.
(d) Danny Thomas.

7. Who is the captain of the Chinese junk in Chapter 26?
(a) Clive Cussler.
(b) Al Giordino.
(c) Dirk Pitt, Sr.
(d) Stephen King.

8. What happens to the U.S. Embassy's Deputy Chief of Mission?
(a) He is shot in a hotel washroom.
(b) He kills a washroom attendant.
(c) He is kidnapped by Japanese terrorists.
(d) He is revealed to be a double agent.

9. What virus does Kang's research lab chief try to combine with smallpox?
(a) HIV-1.
(b) H1 - N1.
(c) Anthrax.
(d) Measles.

10. Who does Catana meet at a bar in South Korea?
(a) A double agent.
(b) A Korean ambassador.
(c) His superior officer.
(d) A woman he thinks is a prostitute.

11. Who is the captain of the Sea Launch Commander?
(a) Chrisrock.
(b) Christiano.
(c) Christopher.
(d) Christian.

12. What is the stated desire of the Japanese Red Army?
(a) To occupy the U.S. mainland.
(b) To annex China.
(c) To get America to stop their work in Japan.
(d) To bring communist rule to America.

13. Who is Hiram Yaeger?
(a) NUMA's director of public health.
(b) NUMA's computer guru.
(c) NUMA's chief of operations.
(d) NUMA's lead biologist.

14. What do Summer and Dirk make their escape from Kang's lair with?
(a) A helicopter.
(b) A Korean Coast Gurad cutter.
(c) An inflatable raft.
(d) A small boat.

15. What happens to Chris Gavin?
(a) He defects to Korea.
(b) He dies of cyanide poisoning.
(c) He dies after an explosion.
(d) He dies in an airline accident.

Short Answer Questions

1. What character is stricken by smallpox in Chapter 16?

2. Who does Kang meet with in his mansion in Chapter 14?

3. How does one of the three men meeting with Kang in his mansion die?

4. Who is the captain of the Sea Rover?

5. Who is the section chief of the FBI's International Terrorism Operations?

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