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Louis Haber
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the name of the first item Carver found in this area?

2. What type of vaccine was developed by Wright?

3. In which city did Wright receive this honor?

4. In what year did Wright graduate?

5. Wright developed a vaccine for which contagious disease?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Carver's traumatic childhood.

2. Discuss Wright's relationship with his stepfather. Did the stepfather encourage Wright to go into medicine? Did Wright's father inspire the choice? What prestigious universities were attended by Penn and Ketcham?

3. Describe Carver's experiments regarding various products that could be created from legumes and other crops. How many derivatives did Carver discover?

4. What did Carver say in reference to his advice to the farmers regarding peanut crops?

5. When did Lloyd Hall become interested in chemistry? What organization did Hall form? What was Hall's motto?

6. George Washington Carver is a well known scientist that has made significant contributions to agriculture. Discuss Carver's field of study and contributions.

7. Discuss Carver's first run in with racism in the educational system. What did Carver do to combat the issue?

8. The author discusses Drew's career during World War II and his work with the American Red Cross. Discuss Drew's work and experiences with the Red Cross.

9. Discuss Williams' affiliation with Provident Hospital in the US. What was special about the hospital? What major accomplishment was made while Williams was in residence?

10. Examine Julian's experience with prejudice in the work force. Where did the event take place? What did Julian do as a result?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

George Washington Carver was instrumental in agricultural improvements in the South. Discuss Carver's inspiration and accomplishments in this area. Include Carver's relationship with Booker T. Washington as well as other people in the South. Name at least twenty derivatives of peanuts and other products discovered by Carver. Include Carver's relationship with Henry Ford.

Essay Topic 2

Norbert Rillieux was deeply influenced by his father's intelligence and creative genius. Explore Rillieux's reason for attending school in Paris. Compare and contrast the education system in France to the system in the United States in the early 1800s and modern times.

Essay Topic 3

The Latimer family gave two important and innovative scientists to the world. Discuss the Latimer family and their contributions. Begin with the struggles and accomplishments of George Latimer. Include Latimer's relationships with Garrison and Douglass. What was George Latimer's biggest contribution to the scientific world? Discuss possible reasons Latimer abandoned his family, how it affected them, and may or may not have influenced Lewis Howard Latimer's career. Also discuss Lewis' biggest accomplishments. What might be different if George had not abandoned his family?

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