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Louis Haber
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Short Answer Questions

1. What product is most commonly linked to Carver?

2. How many children were in the family of Charles Richard Drew?

3. How much time did Williams spend working with his brother?

4. Where was Ernest Everett Just born?

5. Wright developed a vaccine for which contagious disease?

Short Essay Questions

1. What school was attended by Drew? Who collaborated with Drew on the subject of blood transfusions? What caused the concern by the teacher and student?

2. Louis Tompkins Wright was a pioneer in many areas of medicine. List at least three of Wright's most significant contributions.

3. Discuss Williams' affiliation with Provident Hospital in the US. What was special about the hospital? What major accomplishment was made while Williams was in residence?

4. Julian shares a striking mental image about his family. Discuss the image and why it was important to the young man.

5. Describe the origin, family atmosphere and youth of the Daniel Hale Williams family.

6. Discuss at least three of Williams' most notable accomplishments in the field of medicine.

7. Describe Carver's traumatic childhood.

8. When and how did Charles Drew die? Who else was involved in the incident? Where did the incident take place?

9. What degree did Drew receive from Columbia? What was the distinction of Drew's accomplishments? Why was the accomplishment unusual?

10. What were Hall's findings in regard to the preservation of certain foods? How did chemical compounds and spices affect Hall's work?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Latimer family gave two important and innovative scientists to the world. Discuss the Latimer family and their contributions. Begin with the struggles and accomplishments of George Latimer. Include Latimer's relationships with Garrison and Douglass. What was George Latimer's biggest contribution to the scientific world? Discuss possible reasons Latimer abandoned his family, how it affected them, and may or may not have influenced Lewis Howard Latimer's career. Also discuss Lewis' biggest accomplishments. What might be different if George had not abandoned his family?

Essay Topic 2

Jan Earnst Matzeliger was not willing to be thwarted when he decided to create a machine that would change the face of the shoe industry. Explain in detail Matzeliger's idea. Which part of the industry did Matzeliger focus on and why? How were shoes manufactured before Matzeliger's invention? What did experts have to say about the current manufacturing process? How was Matzeliger able to prove the experts were wrong? How did Matzeliger's invention change the industry? Is Matzeliger's invention still used today?

Essay Topic 3

There are many trends that are apparent throughout the text in regards to education. Which universities were attended the most? Were the universities influential? Which still exist? Why did the doctors and scientists choose to attend and sometimes work at these particular schools? What were the educational barriers placed before the men as they attempted to enter college? Examine the benefits of university education as it applies to each scientist and/or inventor.

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