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Louis Haber
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Short Answer Questions

1. What product is most commonly linked to Carver?

2. Which of the following was of particular interest to Drew?

3. Where was the school located?

4. What was the name of the university attended by Julian?

5. Carver created a product for which famous entrepreneur?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss at least three of Wright's affiliations in the medical community.

2. Discuss Carver's first run in with racism in the educational system. What did Carver do to combat the issue?

3. Percy Lavon Julian is responsible for introducing many products and making advancements in the process of manufacturing others. Discuss Julian's accomplishments in this area.

4. Discuss at least three of Williams' most notable accomplishments in the field of medicine.

5. Discuss Wright's relationship with his stepfather. Did the stepfather encourage Wright to go into medicine? Did Wright's father inspire the choice? What prestigious universities were attended by Penn and Ketcham?

6. Louis Tompkins Wright was a pioneer in many areas of medicine. List at least three of Wright's most significant contributions.

7. Describe Carver's traumatic childhood.

8. Discuss the change in occupation for Williams. Who inspired the change? What were the man's credentials?

9. What school was attended by Drew? Who collaborated with Drew on the subject of blood transfusions? What caused the concern by the teacher and student?

10. What degree did Drew receive from Columbia? What was the distinction of Drew's accomplishments? Why was the accomplishment unusual?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Charles Richard Drew attended and worked at McGill University Medical School in Canada. After learning about his specialized field, Drew attended Columbia School of Medicine, where he invested himself in hematology. Discuss Drew's educational experience in Canada, the interest in blood and plasma, and the purpose of preserving blood. Examine Drew's work on the battlefield. Also discuss the receipt of a Doctor of Science degree and why it was important to Drew and to the field of medicine.

Essay Topic 2

Norbert Rillieux was deeply influenced by his father's intelligence and creative genius. Explore Rillieux's reason for attending school in Paris. Compare and contrast the education system in France to the system in the United States in the early 1800s and modern times.

Essay Topic 3

Garrett A. Morgan was the inventor of the "Safety Hood" also referred to as the "Breathing Helmet." Write a 1000 word essay on the invention OR an essay from the point of view of Morgan. Be sure to include the 1916 catastrophe involving the Cleveland Water Works. How did Morgan feel about the rescue? What advancements were made on the Safety Hood? What are the most common uses today?

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