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Louis Haber
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was McCoy's position within the company?

2. In 1881 Woods moved to which US city?

3. Banneker eventually created his project solely out of which material?

4. Which item was not invented by McCoy?

5. What famous publication eulogized Latimer after his death?

Short Essay Questions

1. Banneker's grandparents were farmers. Explain why the couple had unusual success and with which crops.

2. Explain how Woods taught himself to become an engineer.

3. What was the reason Rillieux decided to leave New Orleans? Where did Rillieux go?

4. How did the public receive McCoy's inventions? What common phrase showed the industries' appreciation for McCoy's work?

5. What astounding accomplishment did Banneker make in regards to the building of Washington, DC?

6. Explain the heritage and early years of Jan Earnst Matzeliger. Where did the family originate? At what age did Matzeliger come to the US?

7. What job did Lewis Latimer get that helped to propel him into the field of drafting? What did Latimer propose to his employers? How did it affect his career?

8. What items did Banneker use to assist in creating the project? How long did it take to build? What was unusual about the piece?

9. Who was Benjamin Banneker? What was Banneker's contribution to the country?

10. What life changing event occurred in Banneker's pre-teen years?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Louis Tompkins Wright was most well known for his work in developing a vaccination for smallpox during his tenure in the US Army's Medical Corps. Wright also introduced what kind of medicine? What other field did Wright work in that made significant advancements? How did Wright become involved in research? Did Wright continue to work as a surgeon? Create a time line of Wright's life, education, and professional life.

Essay Topic 2

Norbert Rillieux made many contributions to the city of New Orleans and to America as a whole. Discuss Rillieux's career in the United States Also discuss the prejudice that caused Rillieux to leave New Orleans. What kind of notoriety did Rillieux receive from his invention? Do you think a white man would have received the same amount of recognition and notoriety? Explain. What other contributions did Rillieux make to the city of New Orleans? Did Rillieux ever return to the United States?

Essay Topic 3

Charles Richard Drew attended and worked at McGill University Medical School in Canada. After learning about his specialized field, Drew attended Columbia School of Medicine, where he invested himself in hematology. Discuss Drew's educational experience in Canada, the interest in blood and plasma, and the purpose of preserving blood. Examine Drew's work on the battlefield. Also discuss the receipt of a Doctor of Science degree and why it was important to Drew and to the field of medicine.

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