Black Pioneers of Science and Invention Character Descriptions

Louis Haber
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George Washington Carver

This character was an American agricultural chemist best known for his work in the field of agriculture.

Louis Howard Latimer

As a youth, this character sold copies of The Liberator, a newspaper published by William Lloyd Garrison.

Jan Earnst Matzeliger

This character was responsible for revolutionizing the manufacturing process for shoes.

Elijah McCoy

This character was an engineer who developed automatic lubrication devices for machinery.

Granville T. Woods

This character was known as The Black Edison.

Norbert Rillieux

This character was the creator of the system in which sugarcane juice is refined and crystallized.

Garrett A. Morgan

This character invented the Safety Hood, the apparatus that evolved into the gas mask.

Benjamin Banneker

This character was a black surveyor responsible for assisting in the design of Washington D.C. and the advancement of civil rights.

Percy Lavon Julian

This character was a scientist who was...

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