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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does the Democratic Convention take place in Chapter 10?
(a) June, 1932.
(b) July, 1936.
(c) May, 1940.
(d) August, 1928.

2. In Chapter 8, properties that blacks once rented are having to be repaired and updated why?
(a) Rat damage.
(b) Because the Republicans won.
(c) For white people.
(d) Because blacks got the right to vote.

3. What do the mill owners build for their employees, who have no time to use it?
(a) A swimming pool.
(b) Housing quarters.
(c) A lunchroom.
(d) A gym.

4. In Chapter 7, Matthew receives word from a secretive operative where that the workers there are ready to strike because of their long hours and low wages?
(a) Paradise, SC.
(b) Lexington, KY.
(c) Atlanta, GA.
(d) Pittsburgh, PA.

5. Black-No-More has been in business for how long in Chapter 8?
(a) 5 years.
(b) 2 years.
(c) 1 year.
(d) 7 years.

6. In Chapter 11, Matthew reveals to Bunny that Helen will be having a baby in how long?
(a) 4 months.
(b) 3 weeks.
(c) 6 weeks.
(d) 3 months.

7. In Chapter 11, Matthew tells Bunny he sent Helen to resorts, thinking that travel might what?
(a) Cause a miscarriage.
(b) Encourage her to leave him.
(c) Ruin her affair.
(d) Destroy her marriage.

8. Who do the Anglo-Saxon members want to nominate for the Democratic candidate for Presidency in Chapter 10?
(a) Mr. Hortzenboff.
(b) Reverend Givens.
(c) Hank Johnson.
(d) Arthur Snobbcraft.

9. What word means to go from one country, region, or place to another?
(a) Desonate.
(b) Migrate.
(c) Emulate.
(d) Volute.

10. Two days before the election in Chapter 11, most people believe who will win the Presidency?
(a) President Goosie.
(b) Reverend Givens.
(c) Gorman Gay.
(d) Arthur Snobbcraft.

11. Who explains to Dr. Crookman, Hank Johnson, and Chuck Foster that the Republican Party needs more money for its upcoming presidential campaign in the beginning of Chapter 10?
(a) Dr. Broker.
(b) Gorman Gay.
(c) Rev. Alex McPhule.
(d) Frazier.

12. Who cleared the Knights of Nordica treasury and brought the money for escape in Chapter 12?
(a) Bunny.
(b) Helen.
(c) Sandol.
(d) Swanson.

13. What statistician does the Anglo-Saxon Association of America hire in Chapter 9?
(a) Mr. Hortzenboff.
(b) Dr. Samuel Buggerie.
(c) Dr. Broker.
(d) Mr. Blickdoff.

14. What gathers outside the hospital in Chapter 12?
(a) A celebratory crowd.
(b) A mob.
(c) Politicians.
(d) News reporters.

15. Who tells the Anglo-Saxon Association's Board of Directors that he can prove a large portion of the population possess non-white ancestry in Chapter 10?
(a) Gorman Gay.
(b) Dr. Buggerie.
(c) Arthur Snobbcraft.
(d) Reverend Givens.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Snobbcraft and Dr. Buggerie go to the Anglo-Saxon Association's headquarters to do in Chapter 11?

2. On whose plane do the Givens' and others escape in Chapter 12?

3. Who is president of the Anglo-Saxon Association of America?

4. How many telegrams and long distance telephone calls of congratulation did the radio station receive after Reverend Givens' speech in Chapter 9?

5. What political party does Rufus Kretin belong to?

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