Black No More Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the basic premise and plot of the story "Black No More"?

"Black No More" considers what would happen if black people could turn white. When Dr. Junius Crookman develops this very technology, Harlem resident Max Disher is the first to undergo his treatment. Max begins his new life in Atlanta, where he becomes a leader in a white supremacist group and wins the hand of a white woman who rejected him when he was black.

2. Where and when does Chapter 1 of "Black No More" begin? What two characters meet in the opening?

The story begins on New Year's Eve, 1933, as a dressed-up Max Disher waits outside the Honky Tonk Club. His friend, Bunny Brown, arrives. The two men have been close since they served together in World War I. Now Max is an insurance agent, and Bunny is a bank teller. They are known throughout black Harlem for being dashing young men

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