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The Honky Tonk Club

This is the Harlem establishment where Max and Bunny spend their New Year's Eve as black men.

Crookman Sanitarium

This facility is where doctors administer the treatment that turns a person white.

Black-No-More, Incorporated

This is the name of Crookman's business which he runs with Hank Johnson and Chuck Foster.

The Scimitar

This is the New York newspaper that first publishes Max's story and photograph.

The Knights of Nordica

This is a white supremacist militant organization founded and run by Rev. Givens.

National Social Equality League

This organization, run by Dr. Beard, is a militant organization designed to protect and promote the rights of black Americans.

Back-to-Africa Society

This organization, run by Santop Licorice, is designed to convince black Americans to move to Africa.

Committee for the Preservation of Negro Racial Integrity

This organization is formed by Dr. Beard and is designed to bring...

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