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Max Disher/Matthew Fisher

This main character of the novel was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and works as an insurance agent in Harlem at the novel's beginning.

Dr. Junius Crookman

This black biologist and doctor used to be a medical student in Harlem and then studied abroad in Germany.

Reverend Henry Givens

This ex-evangelist used to be involved with the KKK as Imperial Grand Wizard and founder of the Knights of Nordica.

Bunny Brown

This short and plump black man works as a teller in the Douglass Bank at the beginning of the novel.

Helen Givens

This beautiful girl refuses to dance with the protagonist at the Honky Tonk Club but later marries him once he is white.

Mrs. Givens

This hypocritical woman uses the Lord's name in vain, smokes, is greedy, lies, and hates black people despite believing that she is a true Christian.

Hank Johnson

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