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John Howard Griffin
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October 28 -November 7, 1959 (pages 1-17)

• John Howard Griffin, a journalist, decides to see what would happen if a black man became a white man by changing the color of his skin.

• Griffin decides the only way to understand current issues affecting black men is to become black, and decides to travel around the South as a black man.

• The owner of Sepia magazine, George Levitan, agrees to pay for Griffin's project if he can print his story in the magazine.

• Griffin goes to New Orleans as a white man and stays at a friend's house. He sees a doctor to darken his skin by taking oral medication and sitting under ultra violet lights.

• Griffin completes his transformation and feels like he is no longer in his own skin. He is lonely, trapped and shocked by the change.

• Griffin leaves his host's house and goes to the black part of...

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