Black Leopard, Red Wolf Short Essay - Answer Key

Marlon James
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1. What is a frame narrative and how does this term apply to Black Leopard, Red Wolf?

A frame narrative is a literary technique wherein a story is told within the context of another story. In Black Leopard, Red Wolf, the "frame" is established in the opening with Tracker speaking to the Interrogator. He is relating his story to this Interrogator and the audience/reader does not know what happens in the main timeline.

2. What foreshadowing is established in the opening lines of the novel? Why is this important?

The opening line of the novel is: "The child is dead. There is nothing left to know" (12). From this point, the reader knows the outcome of the quest for the boy, thus indicating that Tracker's story is about something more important than this seemingly central objective.

3. Where did Tracker grow up? Why did he leave home?

Tracker grew up in the city of Juba with his father (whom he later learned was actually his grandfather) and his mother. He left after beating his father (grandfather) to death or to near-death due to his constant abuse.

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