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Ron Stallworth
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. It is estimated that how many members were part of the Colorado KKK in 1923?
(a) 30,000-45,000.
(b) 15,000-30,000.
(c) 5,000-10,000.
(d) 45,000-60,000.

2. To what city did Ron travel in order to gain access to the FBI's information about the Colorado KKK?
(a) Boulder.
(b) Denver.
(c) Morrison.
(d) Aspen.

3. What simile does Ron use to indicate how the KKK and the Posse Comitatus were getting along?
(a) Like peanut butter and jelly.
(b) Like Kool-Aid and sugar.
(c) Like cereal and milk.
(d) Like oil and water.

4. During their first phone conversation, how many cross burnings did Ken tell Ron his KKK chapter was planning?
(a) 1.
(b) 3.
(c) 4.
(d) 2.

5. To whom is Ron Stallworth referring when he names Chapter 4 "My New Friend David"?
(a) David Burke.
(b) David Attenborogh.
(c) David Duke.
(d) David Foster Wallace.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chuck received a phone call from Ken telling him that he had received a call from members of what organization that wanted to join forces with the KKK?

2. Which two organizations logged complaints from citizens in the community about Fred Wilkens's job?

3. Fred Wilkens told Ron that David Duke had received death threats from what organization?

4. David Duke left the KKK in what year to form the National Association for the Advancement of White People?

5. Ron's mother-in-law graduated from what college?

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