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Ron Stallworth
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This object symbolizes inflicted fear and dates back to the origins of the KKK in Pulaski, Tennessee in 1869. This object was devised by the first recognized Grand Wizard of the KKK, General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Forrest used this object to conceal the identity of each Klansman and to scare recently freed slaves. The image of a KKK member wearing this object has become synonymous with white supremacy and terrorism. The Klansmen investigated by the Colorado Springs Police Department were infatuated with the symbolism of this object and its link to the terror inflicted by the KKK from the dawn of the organization.

The Birth of a Nation Film

This object symbolizes the long history of racist propaganda being turned out within the United States. This object is a 1915 film that is based on a novel by a minister from North Carolina named Thomas Dixon Jr. The film...

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