Daily Lessons for Teaching Black Klansman

Ron Stallworth
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-4)


Students will meticulously analyze the many different elements of the text's cover art in order to deepen their understanding of the connection between the work's themes and the cover art that is chosen to underscore these themes.

Visual literacy is a very important skill to foster in today's world and the vivid artwork featured on the cover of Ron Stallworth's memoir entitled Black Klansman provides an excellent opportunity to teach students skills in visual literacy. One edition of the text features on its cover a black man, ostensibly Ron Stallworth himself, dressed in a brown leather jacket with a KKK hood over his head. The image is striking not only due to the presence of a KKK hood on a black man, but also because the subject of the work is wearing a law enforcement badge around his neck. Other elements of the cover art include...

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