Black Klansman Character Descriptions

Ron Stallworth
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Ron Stallworth

This respected law enforcement researcher and police office is the author of the memoir Black Klansman. At the time focused upon within the memoir, this person was a young police officer working as an undercover detective with the intelligence unit in the Colorado Springs Police Department; he was the first black cadet in the history of the department, successfully completed the cadet program and decided to become a police officer with the CSPD. He soon became an undercover investigator and initiated the investigation into the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) by responding to an advertisement placed by the KKK in a local newspaper.

Ken O'Dell

This person was the local organizer for the KKK chapter in Colorado Springs and was also a soldier stationed at Fort Carson near Colorado Springs. This person was the first Klansman to contact the author of the memoir after he requested information about...

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