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Lorene Cary
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Ten.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What change is marked by Lorene hitting her sister?
(a) She has internalized the violence of her white surroundings.
(b) She has stopped being family, and begun to be a stranger to her sister.
(c) She is no longer a child and playmate.
(d) She has treated her sister the way the cook at the diner treated her.

2. When did Lorene start to write about her experiences at St. Paul's?
(a) When she saw those experiences as different from black life in America.
(b) When she saw her experiences as similar to other workers' experiences in America.
(c) When she saw those experiences as similar to white experiences in America.
(d) When she saw that her experience had things in common with Native Americans.

3. What does Lorene say is the white teachers' feeling about black students?
(a) They hide important things from them, so they can protect their prejudices.
(b) They push they so they are armed with knowledge.
(c) They don't expect much.
(d) They hold them to higher standards, for their own good.

4. What does Lorene say she looks forward to as part of her committee work?
(a) Forgiveness.
(b) Harmony.
(c) Progress.
(d) Repentance.

5. How long has it been, at the beginning of the book, since Lorene graduated from high school?
(a) 9 years.
(b) 6 years.
(c) 1 year.
(d) 15 years.

Short Answer Questions

1. What arrangement did Lorene make for Ricky Lockhart's visit?

2. Where does Lorene apply to college?

3. What does the school suggest Lorene do?

4. What are Lorene's feelings about her classmates?

5. From where is Jimmy Hill?

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