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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Potter tell Jack he has?

2. What does Jack tell Dale that he needs after dispersing the mob?

3. Who is the official greeter at the door when Jack opens the door of the Black House?

4. What does Mr. Munshun say to Burny in chapter twenty-six when he is trying to get Burny to get up and go move Tyler?

5. What does Wendell hope will happen while getting photos of the police taking Potter in?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Fred shows up at the bar in Chapter twenty-six?

2. Describe the conversation that Jack and Dr. Spiegleman have in Chapter twenty before Jack is left alone with Judy.

3. What happens when Munshun is faced with Jack, Dale, Beezer, and Doc?

4. What does Jack do after Munshun is dead?

5. How does Burny die?

6. What happens when Jack first opens the door to the Black House?

7. What does Potter tell Jack when they are able to talk?

8. What does Jack discover when he flips over to the Territories in Chapter twenty-one?

9. What do Doc and Beezer explain about Mouse's condition when Jack first arrives in Chapter twenty-three?

10. Describe the scene at the bar in Chapter twenty-three.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

1) Speculate on the reasons that Sonny and Kaiser Bill left when Mouse was sick.

2) Do you think that Mouse would have left if it had been Sonny or Kaiser Bill that had been injured? Why or why not?

3) Was Mouse's death necessary in the story? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

1) Describe Jack Sawyer's personality.

2) When Jack and Dale go up to Black House, Dale notes that Jack seems younger and stronger. Do you agree with this? Why do you think Dale noticed this change in Jack?

3) Do you feel that the Talisman's effect on Jack was responsible for all of the faith that people had in Jack and all of his good qualities? Speculate on how he would have been different without the Talisman's touch.

Essay Topic 3

1) Why is it that Judy was willing to kiss Jack when he returned from him meeting with Sophie?

2) What did Jack mean when he said he was in love for the first time after seeing Sophie?

3) What different kinds of love are seen in the story? Which of these seems to be the strongest?

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