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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Henry say that he is able to find the handle of the truck without grasping to find it?

2. What does Beezer tell Jack when they leave Ed's Eats and Dawgs?

3. What does Jack promise T.J. when he begins questioning him alone?

4. What does Dale tell Danny that Beezer and his friends are there to do?

5. What does Jack tell Dale to have done after learning that the Fisherman called 911?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is shown to the reader in Chapter two at Ed's Eats and Dawgs?

2. What is explained about Nailhouse Row when it is first described in Chapter one?

3. Describe the scene at Irma Freneau's mother's house in Chapter fifteen?

4. Describe what happens in Chapter eight when Jack interviews the three boys that Tyler had last been seen with before he was taken from outside Maxton's.

5. Describe the conversation that Rebecca, Peter Wexler, and Henry have in chapter seven when Peter says that there was another little boy taken from outside of Maxton's.

6. What does Wendell see when he gets to the crime scene in Chapter twelve?

7. What does Burny do in Chapter fifteen?

8. What does Dale tell Jack in Chapter ten when he calls Jack?

9. What does Wendell want to get from Irma's crime scene as he heads out to Ed's Eats and Dawgs?

10. What happens outside of Ed's Eats and Dawgs when Henry realizes that someone is taking his picture?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

1) Which of the minor characters in the story do you feel could have had a much larger role?

2) Which of the minor characters do you feel could have been left out of the story all together?

3) If you had to play a role in the story what role would you chose?

Essay Topic 2

1) Do you think that Gorg was actually a crow or that he was being controlled by a creature on the other side like Burny and Mr. Munshun? Explain.

2) If Gorg had been a creature on the other side, given that Mr. Munshun was a servant for the Crimson King, what do you think Gorg's role would have been? Lesesr or greater than Munshun's? Why?

3) Do you think it would have been possible for Speedy or one of the other characters to exert control over someone like Munshun did with Burny? If so why did he not do this?

Essay Topic 3

1) Speculate on the reasons that Sonny and Kaiser Bill left when Mouse was sick.

2) Do you think that Mouse would have left if it had been Sonny or Kaiser Bill that had been injured? Why or why not?

3) Was Mouse's death necessary in the story? Why or why not?

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