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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tyler say is probably in the bag he is trying to reach?
(a) Fingers and toes for a mdinight snack.
(b) Staples for Burny's new stomach surgery.
(c) Tums for the indegestion that eating people gives Burny.
(d) A 'How To Cook Children' book.

2. What does Henry tell Penniman to do with the drink that he is begging Henry to have with him in Chapter twenty-three?
(a) Throw it out the window.
(b) Give it to the lady at the bar.
(c) Stick them up his fat bepimpled ass.
(d) Stick it in your deaf ear.

3. What does Beezer tell the others that they might find when they go to the Black House after they have initially seen the road?
(a) Gaurd dogs.
(b) Evidence the cops will want.
(c) Booby traps.
(d) Bodies.

4. What does Speedy tell Jack to do when he calls Jack on the phone in Chapter sixteen?
(a) Check in his wallet.
(b) Check under the desk he is sitting at.
(c) Visit the facility bathrooms.
(d) Go out to his car.

5. What does Doc say about the dog bite that Mouse got when he first looks at it in the end of Chapter nineteen?
(a) It looks like something was injected through the bite marks.
(b) It looksl like it has healed already.
(c) It looks funny and Mouse needs antiboitics right away.
(d) It looks like it was done by a human.

Short Answer Questions

1. What word do the human bones spell out in one of the rooms that Jack and the others enter?

2. What does Jack say when Beezer and Dale say they need to get out of there and burn Black House down after they first get Tyler and kill Munshun?

3. What does Doc give Mouse to make him lucid enough to tell Jack what he needs to say?

4. What does Wendell hope will happen while getting photos of the police taking Potter in?

5. What is the one rule that the bikers have to abide by when they go to the police station?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the scene in Chapter sixteen when Dale is first bringing Potter into the police station.

2. What is on the tape that is sent to Judy in Chapter twenty?

3. What does Mouse tell about the Black House?

4. How does Tyler get his hand un-cuffed from the wall?

5. How does Burny die?

6. What does Munshun tell Tyler when he first grabs him in Chapter twenty-nine?

7. What happens after Doc injects Mouse with Speed?

8. What does Jack discover when he goes to visit Tansy at her home?

9. How does Jack describe Mouse's leg in Chapter twenty-three?

10. What does Jack discover when he flips over to the Territories in Chapter twenty-one?

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