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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Judy find in the fisherman's creel in Chapter five?
(a) A cassette tape.
(b) One of Tyler's fingers.
(c) A note from the Fisherman.
(d) A picture of Tyler being held.

2. What does Henry say about the song that Burny requested while at the Strawberry Festival, 'I Can't Get Started'?
(a) He broke the record long ago.
(b) It was the first song he ever bought.
(c) He never did like that song.
(d) It was his wife's favorite song.

3. What does Pam say when Danny tells her that he will pull out his gun if Beezer even looks like he wants to fight in Chapter thirteen?
(a) Paperwork, paperwork.
(b) Maybe he is just out for a Sunday drive.
(c) Getting a little jumpy there deputy Fife.
(d) That's not very nice.

4. What does Wendell want most of all and is willing to bribe to get?
(a) A piece of Irma's clothing.
(b) An interview with Jack.
(c) A picture of Irma's naked dead body.
(d) The crime scene photo's.

5. In Chapter three, what is Dale looking over that make the current killer look a lot like the killings that Albert Fish had done?
(a) Letters that were written to the vicitims' families.
(b) The similarity in the locations in which the vicitms were found.
(c) The murder weapons.
(d) The similarities in the way that the victims looked.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rebecca write down that Burny says to her in the hallway?

2. What does Fred read had been found on John Wesley Irkenham's dismembered body?

3. What does Beezer tell Jack when they leave Ed's Eats and Dawgs?

4. What does Fred tell Jack about Judy?

5. What is in the box that is delivered to Jack in Chapter nine?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter one, what is explained about Chipper's current situations in his life?

2. What happens outside of Ed's Eats and Dawgs when Henry realizes that someone is taking his picture?

3. Explain what is known about Henry Leyden that is shown in chapter three.

4. Describe the scene at Irma Freneau's mother's house in Chapter fifteen?

5. What does Speedy tell Jack in the beginning of Chapter nine?

6. What does T.J. see when he gets to the spot where they left Tyler?

7. What does Wendell want to get from Irma's crime scene as he heads out to Ed's Eats and Dawgs?

8. What had happened when Wendell Green had tried to question Beezer after his daughter's body had been discovered?

9. What happens in Chapter seven when Henry begins playing for the residents at Maxton's?

10. Describe what happens in Chapter eight when Jack interviews the three boys that Tyler had last been seen with before he was taken from outside Maxton's.

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