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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4: Chapter 28-29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Chipper tell Burny when he enters his office?
(a) I need to ask you some questions.
(b) We need to have a heart-to-heart.
(c) There have been some complaints about you.
(d) You need to get an appointment for a physical.

2. Who is the official greeter at the door when Jack opens the door of the Black House?
(a) Nancy.
(b) Amy.
(c) Mouse.
(d) Daisy Temperly.

3. What does Mr. Munshun say to Burny in chapter twenty-six when he is trying to get Burny to get up and go move Tyler?
(a) That Tyler is about to escape.
(b) That someone on the other side could heal his wounds.
(c) That he will be rewarded with a home on the other side.
(d) That there are police coming to the Black House.

4. What does Henry tell Penniman to do with the drink that he is begging Henry to have with him in Chapter twenty-three?
(a) Stick them up his fat bepimpled ass.
(b) Give it to the lady at the bar.
(c) Stick it in your deaf ear.
(d) Throw it out the window.

5. What had Sonny refused to do when he and his high school friends came to the town called Harko?
(a) Go near the collapsing general store.
(b) Go into the empty grain mill.
(c) Sleep in the field.
(d) Stay in the abandoned motel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jack explain about the flowers as he looks at them in Tansy's home?

2. What does Mouse do when he is lucid for a moment?

3. What thought does Jack have when he first arrives at the police station in Chapter eight that makes him feel immediately guilty?

4. What is the one act a homicide detective must never commit?

5. What shocks Burny while he is washing up in Chapter twenty-five?

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