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Lesson 1 (from Part 1: Chapter 1-3)


In Part 1, Chapter one, there is an assumption that is discussed regarding the owners of the Harley bikes at Nailhouse Row. It goes on to say "Like most assumptions, this one embodies an uneasy half-truth" (pg. 6.) The objective of this lesson is to look at assumptions.


1) Discussion: What is an assumption? What are assumptions based on? Why are assumptions so easily used?

2) Classwork: Have the students write a list of assumptions about Black House based on the first three chapters that have been read. Come back at the end of the book and look over your assumptions. How many of these were correct? To what do you attribute the correct assumptions and incorrect assumptions?

3) Homework: Have the students write a short essay about assumptions that they make and what they feel theses assumptions are based on. This can be in regards to people, places, affiliations...

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