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The Zoo

Gorg has been captured and put into the zoo. Write up an amazing advertisement for this amazing bird that speaks.

Travel Brochure

There are several universes out there. Create a travel brochure advertising a vacation to one of these distant worlds.

Black House Bed-N-Breakfast

The Black House has been made into a bed and breakfast. Explain what it is that guests can expect while staying at this fabulous new hot spot.

What I Did Over Summer Vacation

Tyler is back at school and is asked to write a paper over what he did on his summer vacation. Bring in that paper and show it to the class.

Murder at Maxton's

You are the news journalist that is asked to cover the breaking news at Maxton's retirement home. Provide the information as it is known about the murders.

Rebecca's Research

Burny told Rebecca to write down Fritz...

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