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Essay Topic 1

1) Describe Jack Sawyer's personality.

2) When Jack and Dale go up to Black House, Dale notes that Jack seems younger and stronger. Do you agree with this? Why do you think Dale noticed this change in Jack?

3) Do you feel that the Talisman's effect on Jack was responsible for all of the faith that people had in Jack and all of his good qualities? Speculate on how he would have been different without the Talisman's touch.

Essay Topic 2

1) How would you describe Henry Leyden?

2) What was the purpose of Henry's multiple radio personalities?

3) Why did Henry use those personalities to give Jack the final message before he died?

Essay Topic 3

1) What did the bees represent in the story?

2) What was the significance of the bees being seen in the front of the story? When did it become apparent that the bees held some deeper meaning in the...

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