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Mark Bowden
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many of the men in the convoy in "Black Hawk Down" were injured during the disastrous tour through the city in their attempt to find the first crash site?
(a) More than half.
(b) One quarter.
(c) One fifth.
(d) One tenth.

2. What group's orders were to rope down into Mogadishu and set up a blocking position on the northwest corner of the target house in "The Assault"?
(a) Chalk Two's.
(b) Chalk Four's.
(c) Chalk Three's.
(d) Chalk One's.

3. What are the United States Navy's Sea, Air and Land Teams commonly known as?
(a) OTTER's.
(b) DUCK's.
(c) MARMOT's.
(d) SEALs.

4. Who was shot in the back when the Humvee convoy stopped to recover the injured in "Black Hawk Down"?
(a) Private Anton Berendsen.
(b) Sergeant Joyce.
(c) Master Sergeant Gary Gordon.
(d) Sergeant Scott Galentine.

5. What refers to a canceled or postponed space flight, launching, scheduled part of a space mission, etc.?
(a) X'd.
(b) Scrub.
(c) D-Lay.
(d) Fail.

Short Answer Questions

1. Staff Sergeant Matt Eversmann's previous leader was sent home and the man's replacement was taken out of commission by what in "The Assault"?

2. Less than two hours into the battle, the crippled Humvee convoy approached what location, preparing for another ambush as they made their way to the base in "Black Hawk Down"?

3. What refers to a body of citizens enrolled for military service, and called out periodically for drill but serving full time only in emergencies?

4. How many men were with the Humvee convoy in "Black Hawk Down"?

5. Private First Class Todd Blackburn had not been through what yet when he was assigned to Chalk Four?

Short Essay Questions

1. How was Sergeant Scott Galentine injured in "The Assault"? Who among his unit was also injured around the same time?

2. What was the plan for the rangers and Delta operators in the beginning of "The Assault"?

3. Why were helicopters not sent in for Corporal Jamie Smith in "The Alamo"?

4. Why were the soldiers unprepared for night combat in "The Alamo"?

5. What soldier put his own health at risk in order to assist in the assault in "Overrun"? How?

6. Where was the Humvee convoy sent after its return in "N.S.D.Q."?

7. What was given to Specialist John Stebbins after his injury in "The Alamo"?

8. How were the Rangers and D-boys grouped as they traveled to the first crash site in "Overrun"?

9. Who descended to assist the pilot of Super Six Four in "Overrun"? What did they face?

10. What was the purpose of the mission in "The Assault"? What did the men overlook in beginning the mission?

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