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Mark Bowden
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Somalis refer to the Battle of Mogadishu as?
(a) The Day of the Rangers.
(b) Yankee Week.
(c) Soldier Saturday.
(d) The American Infiltration.

2. Where was one of Sergeant Jeff Struecker's men shot as the men made their way through the streets in "The Assault"?
(a) The hand.
(b) The leg.
(c) The head.
(d) The stomach.

3. The Americans had assumed that what shot from the ground could never bring down a helicopter as large and powerful as a Black Hawk?
(a) RPGs.
(b) Flares.
(c) Pistols.
(d) Rifles.

4. In "Black Hawk Down," who was picked up a few blocks from the target building by the Humvees and joined the convoy to the crash site?
(a) Chalk One.
(b) Chalk Two.
(c) Chalk Three.
(d) Chalk Four.

5. Who led a team into the target home and assisted in the arrests of the leaders in Aidid's gang in "The Assault"?
(a) Corporal Jim Cavaco.
(b) Sergeant First Class Paul Howe.
(c) CWO Donovan Briley.
(d) Sergeant Ed Yurek.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the time Super Six One was being shot down, the D-boys were waiting for a signal from the Humvee convoy alerting them that it was time to do what?

2. Despite the large number of casualties and the heavy fire, the Humvee convoy was ordered to do what in "Black Hawk Down"?

3. Who was the Humvee convoy awaiting a signal from when Super Six One was shot down?

4. What gunner was hit in the back of the head and killed instantly when the Humvee convoy stopped to recover the injured in "Black Hawk Down"?

5. What refers to a specially trained group of soldiers who must attend a special school focusing on both extreme physical and tactical training?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Sergeant Jeff Struecker hesitate in reporting the first casualty in "The Assault"?

2. What miscommunication took place between the Delta operators and the Humvee convoy in "Black Hawk Down"?

3. What took place when the Humvee convoy stopped to recover the injured in "Black Hawk Down"? Who was hit?

4. Why did Super Six Four crash? Who was its pilot?

5. What led to the Humvee convoy finally changing their destination to base in "Black Hawk Down"?

6. What was the purpose of the mission in "The Assault"? What did the men overlook in beginning the mission?

7. How was Sergeant Scott Galentine injured in "The Assault"? Who among his unit was also injured around the same time?

8. Who among those in the Humvee convoy were injured or killed just after the crash of Super Six Four?

9. What did Staff Sergeant Matt Eversmann leave behind as he set out for his mission in "The Assault"? Why?

10. Why did the simple mission turn into a nightmare for the U.S. Military in "Black Hawk Down"? How many American soldiers were injured?

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