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Mark Bowden
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who directed the field hospital at the base, choosing who to treat and who was too badly wounded to waste time on in "The Alamo"?
(a) Captain Mike Steele.
(b) Corporal Jamie Smith.
(c) Major Rob Marsh.
(d) Sergeant First Class Paul Howe.

2. Who descended on the crash site and helped Durant from the wreckage of the Super Six Four in "Overrun"?
(a) Specalist Dale Sizemore and Private Richard Kowalewski.
(b) Sergeant Scott Galentine and Lieutenant Colonel Dave McKnight.
(c) Sergeant First Class Randy Shughart and Master Sergeant Gary Gordon.
(d) Sergeant Kurt Schmid and Specalist Dale Sizemore.

3. In "Overrun," the CSAR Black Hawk dropped two medics in front of the alley where what helicopter had gone down?
(a) Super Six Two.
(b) Super Six Three.
(c) Super Six Five.
(d) Super Six One.

4. Multiple members of Chalk One separated from the other rangers with what team leader in "Overrun"?
(a) Master Sergeant Scott Fales.
(b) Private Anton Berendsen.
(c) Sergeant Ed Yurek.
(d) Lieutenant Larry Perino.

5. When was the Somali National Alliance formed?
(a) June, 1992.
(b) October, 1991.
(c) April, 1990.
(d) September, 1993.

6. What soldier who had been held out of the initial assault cut off a cast on his infected elbow so that he would be allowed to go fight in "Overrun"?
(a) Captain Mike Steele.
(b) Lieutenant Colonel Dave McKnight.
(c) Specalist Dale Sizemore.
(d) Sergeant Scott Galentine.

7. What is the motto of the Night Stalkers?
(a) Night Stalkers Always Win.
(b) Night Stalkers Are Savage.
(c) Night Stalkers Unite.
(d) Night Stalkers Don't Quit.

8. What was a military operation conducted by special operations forces of the United States with the primary mission of capturing warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid?
(a) Operation Renaissance Bear.
(b) Operation Lion Tail.
(c) Operation Gothic Serpent.
(d) Operation Screaming Eagle.

9. Who was a Delta team leader who led the front group to the first crash site, including several Rangers in "Overrun"?
(a) Sergeant First Class Paul Howe.
(b) Specialist John Stebbins.
(c) Private First Class Todd Blackburn.
(d) Private Adalberto Rodriguez.

10. Who gave a gun to Durant before returning to the nose of the aircraft to continue fighting off the Somalis in "Overrun"?
(a) Master Sergeant Gary Gordon.
(b) Sergeant First Class Randy Shughart.
(c) Warrant Officer Mike Durant.
(d) Private First Class Todd Blackburn.

11. Where are the Night Stalkers' Regiment headquarters?
(a) Fort Wainwright, Alaska.
(b) Fort Carson, Colorado.
(c) Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
(d) Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

12. When did President George H.W. Bush order the U.S. Armed Forces to join the U.N. in a joint operation known as Operation Restore Hope, with the primary mission of restoring order in Somalia?
(a) October, 1991.
(b) May, 1990.
(c) December, 1992.
(d) June, 1989.

13. What medic attempted to find the ends of the femoral artery of a fallen corporal by placing his hands inside the wound, but the end of the artery had retracted into the abdomen in "The Alamo"?
(a) Warrant Officer Mike Durant.
(b) Sergeant Kurt Schmid.
(c) Captain Mike Steele.
(d) CWO Donovan Briley.

14. As the Humvees and soldiers made their way back into Mogadishu, they found themselves immediately under attack and blocked at every turn by what in "Overrun"?
(a) Bodies.
(b) Burning tires.
(c) Roadblocks.
(d) Mounds of dirt.

15. How many Delta snipers were on board the Super Six Two in "Overrun"?
(a) 2.
(b) 7.
(c) 3.
(d) 5.

Short Answer Questions

1. What, also known as depredation, is a military tactic or operational warfare mission which has a specific purpose and is not normally intended to capture and hold terrain, but instead finish with the force quickly retreating to a previous defended position?

2. Who was instructed to guard the single window in the room where they were taking the wounded in "The Alamo"?

3. Who wanted to place a big gun in the street, but Steele refused to allow any more of his Rangers to go out into the darkness in "The Alamo"?

4. What medic was killed first protecting the Super Six Four crash site in "Overrun"?

5. Who was forced to give up his safe house and move across the street, a position he felt was weak in "The Alamo"?

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