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Mark Bowden
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Alamo.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What aircraft delivered fresh water and IV fluids to the first crash site, leaving the men to settle in for the long night ahead of them in "The Alamo"?
(a) Super Six Five.
(b) Super Six Three.
(c) Super Six Six.
(d) Super Six Four.

2. Who led a team into the target home and assisted in the arrests of the leaders in Aidid's gang in "The Assault"?
(a) CWO Donovan Briley.
(b) Sergeant First Class Paul Howe.
(c) Corporal Jim Cavaco.
(d) Sergeant Ed Yurek.

3. What soldier who had been held out of the initial assault cut off a cast on his infected elbow so that he would be allowed to go fight in "Overrun"?
(a) Sergeant Scott Galentine.
(b) Captain Mike Steele.
(c) Specalist Dale Sizemore.
(d) Lieutenant Colonel Dave McKnight.

4. In what helicopter did Staff Sergeant Matt Eversmann fly into Mogadishu on October 3 in "The Assault"?
(a) Super Six One.
(b) Super Six Three.
(c) Super Six Five.
(d) Super Six Seven.

5. What smaller helicopter landed near the crash site of Super Six One in "Black Hawk Down"?
(a) Sparrow.
(b) Woodpecker.
(c) Little Bird.
(d) Gold Finch.

Short Answer Questions

1. What crew member of Super Six One had a gunshot to the abdomen and there was little anyone could do for him?

2. What did Captain Mike Steele and his men place on the street to direct aircraft to their location in "Overrun"?

3. Multiple members of Chalk One separated from the other rangers with what team leader in "Overrun"?

4. What refers to a canceled or postponed space flight, launching, scheduled part of a space mission, etc.?

5. What group's orders were to rope down into Mogadishu and set up a blocking position on the northwest corner of the target house in "The Assault"?

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