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Mark Bowden
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Overrun.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A week before the mission that brought Rangers, Delta operators, and SEALs into Mogadishu on October 3, a Black Hawk helicopter was shot down over Mogadishu by what?
(a) An AK-47.
(b) An elephant gun.
(c) A .50 caliber pistol.
(d) An RPG.

2. What soldier who had been held out of the initial assault cut off a cast on his infected elbow so that he would be allowed to go fight in "Overrun"?
(a) Lieutenant Colonel Dave McKnight.
(b) Sergeant Scott Galentine.
(c) Specalist Dale Sizemore.
(d) Captain Mike Steele.

3. In what year did the Battle of Mogadishu take place?
(a) 1988.
(b) 1990.
(c) 1995.
(d) 1993.

4. Who descended on the crash site and helped Durant from the wreckage of the Super Six Four in "Overrun"?
(a) Sergeant Kurt Schmid and Specalist Dale Sizemore.
(b) Sergeant Scott Galentine and Lieutenant Colonel Dave McKnight.
(c) Sergeant First Class Randy Shughart and Master Sergeant Gary Gordon.
(d) Specalist Dale Sizemore and Private Richard Kowalewski.

5. Who, along with Sergeant First Class Randy Shughart, asked repeatedly and finally received permission to rope down to the crash site in "Overrun"?
(a) Sergeant Kurt Schmid.
(b) Master Sergeant Gary Gordon.
(c) Warrant Officer Mike Durant.
(d) Major Rob Marsh.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the pilot of the Super Six Four?

2. Why was it of great concern to get as many men around the downed aircraft to protect it and the survivors for the American government?

3. Instead of taking the prisoners directly to the American base, the Humvees were ordered to do what in "Black Hawk Down"?

4. What evaporated on the Super Six Four, causing the helicopter to lean forward in "Black Hawk Down"?

5. Who was shot in the back when the Humvee convoy stopped to recover the injured in "Black Hawk Down"?

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