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Mark Bowden
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Overrun.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Super Six One was piloted by whom?
(a) CWO Cliff 'Elvis' Wolcott.
(b) Lieutenant Larry Perino.
(c) Specialist John Stebbins.
(d) Corporal Jamie Smith.

2. Whose body was unable to be pulled out of the Super Six One because the nose of the helicopter had crumpled and then buried itself in the soil, causing the body to be wedge in the wreckage?
(a) CWO Cliff 'Elvis' Wolcott's.
(b) Sergeant First Class Randy Rymes.
(c) Private Adalberto Rodriguez.
(d) Chief Warrant Officer Ray Frank.

3. Multiple members of Chalk One separated from the other rangers with what team leader in "Overrun"?
(a) Private Anton Berendsen.
(b) Lieutenant Larry Perino.
(c) Sergeant Ed Yurek.
(d) Master Sergeant Scott Fales.

4. Where was one of Sergeant Jeff Struecker's men shot as the men made their way through the streets in "The Assault"?
(a) The leg.
(b) The stomach.
(c) The head.
(d) The hand.

5. As the Delta operators were searching the target house in "The Assault," bullets come flying from a corner that was what?
(a) Heavily fortified.
(b) Saturated with enemies.
(c) Being covered by the Rangers.
(d) Dimly lit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the United States Navy's Sea, Air and Land Teams commonly known as?

2. What is a military vehicle that combines the features of a jeep with those of a light truck?

3. Who was the Humvee convoy awaiting a signal from when Super Six One was shot down?

4. When did Bill Clinton take office as U.S. President?

5. What medic ran toward the Super Six One and was shot in the ankle in "Overrun"?

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