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Mark Bowden
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Black Hawk Down.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does NOD stand for?
(a) Night Observation Device.
(b) Normals On Deployment.
(c) Navy Of Doom.
(d) Navy Oil Drum.

2. Private First Class Todd Blackburn had not been through what yet when he was assigned to Chalk Four?
(a) Boot camp.
(b) Rifle training.
(c) Combat.
(d) Ranger school.

3. Mogadishu is located in what coastal region on the Indian Ocean?
(a) Sool.
(b) Benadir.
(c) Sanaag.
(d) Bakool.

4. The Americans had assumed that what shot from the ground could never bring down a helicopter as large and powerful as a Black Hawk?
(a) Pistols.
(b) RPGs.
(c) Rifles.
(d) Flares.

5. What evaporated on the Super Six Four, causing the helicopter to lean forward in "Black Hawk Down"?
(a) The engine.
(b) The underside.
(c) The tail rotor.
(d) The windshield.

Short Answer Questions

1. One driver in the Humvee convoy was shot in the back of the head and although the helmet saved his life, the hit caused him to what?

2. What obstacle did the Humvee convoy face in obtaining directions, causing the convoy to turn down the wrong roads in "Black Hawk Down"?

3. What crew member of Super Six One had a gunshot to the abdomen and there was little anyone could do for him?

4. Where was one of Sergeant Jeff Struecker's men shot as the men made their way through the streets in "The Assault"?

5. How many of the men in the convoy in "Black Hawk Down" were injured during the disastrous tour through the city in their attempt to find the first crash site?

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