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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the cooking pot belong to?
(a) Harry's wife.
(b) Monserrat.
(c) Hudson.
(d) Caitlin.

2. What does Monserrat show Harry?
(a) A film.
(b) A blue cooking pot.
(c) A red cooking pot.
(d) A letter.

3. What part of his body did Hudson lose in combat?
(a) His arm.
(b) His leg.
(c) His hand.
(d) His foot.

4. What does Carroll accuse Thompson of?
(a) Shielding Hudson.
(b) Lying.
(c) Unhonorable behavior.
(d) Taking drugs.

5. What had David Hudson been fast-tracked for?
(a) The stock exchange.
(b) Terroism.
(c) Leadership.
(d) Navy Seals.

6. Whose role is Anton uncertain about?
(a) Monserrat.
(b) Bogan.
(c) Carroll.
(d) Hudson.

7. What does Carroll chase the vets in?
(a) A taxi.
(b) A police car.
(c) A tank.
(d) A helicopter.

8. Why does Thompson say Hudson left the army?
(a) He lost his arm.
(b) He became a pacifist.
(c) He fell in love.
(d) He injured a private.

9. Who does Nicolo and Rizzo work for?
(a) The bomb squad.
(b) Dominos.
(c) The FBI.
(d) The CIA.

10. Where does Carroll wake up?
(a) On a roof top.
(b) In a hospital.
(c) On a plane.
(d) In his bed.

11. Who does Anton say Monserrat met with?
(a) Leaders of the Developing World.
(b) Vice President Elliott.
(c) Russian leaders.
(d) Leaders of the Third World.

12. How does Williamson know Hudson?
(a) He was his school teacher.
(b) He was his sergeant.
(c) He was his best friend.
(d) He was his commanding officer.

13. What does Monserrat do to Harry after he gives him some information?
(a) Beats him.
(b) Ties him up.
(c) Kills him.
(d) Lets him go.

14. Who leaves New York City at peace with himself?
(a) Joe Macchio.
(b) David Hudson.
(c) Walter Trentkamp.
(d) Mickey Kevin.

15. Who are the letters sent to?
(a) Veterans.
(b) Businessmen.
(c) Politicians.
(d) Housewives.

Short Answer Questions

1. What company does Sherwood receive shares from?

2. Who does Anton believe created Green Band?

3. What do Carroll and Caitlin use to find suspects?

4. Who is the first to greet Carroll when he gets home?

5. Who does Caitlin call for information?

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