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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 96 through 104.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are officials waiting for on the afternoon of December 4th?
(a) An attack of FBI headquaters.
(b) A list of demands from the terrorists.
(c) A call from the president.
(d) A bomb to go off.

2. What does Carroll tell Freddie he lied about?
(a) Setting him free.
(b) Arresting him.
(c) Paying the bill.
(d) His identity.

3. Which of the following characters is in a wheel chair?
(a) Arch Carroll.
(b) Colonel David Hudson.
(c) Justin Kearney.
(d) Sergeant Harry Stemkowsky.

4. What does Carroll chase the vets in?
(a) A tank.
(b) A helicopter.
(c) A police car.
(d) A taxi.

5. Which person do the terrorists first contact?
(a) Arch Carroll.
(b) Walter Trentkamp.
(c) Justin Kearney.
(d) Harry Stemkowsky.

Short Answer Questions

1. What organization is Andronov's one million dollars worth of stolen U.S securities linked to?

2. Where do the IRA want to meet Carroll?

3. What does Carroll discover while questioning the drug dealer?

4. What company does Clyde Miller say he will purchase?

5. What was the drug dealer using as a shield when he was arrested?

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