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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 34 through 40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What's wrong with the computers controlling Wall Street's financial district ?
(a) They are out-of-date
(b) They are malfunctioning.
(c) They have been destroyed.
(d) They don't have enough power.

2. What does Arch Carroll tell the restaurant owner?
(a) That the men were trying to kill him.
(b) That he killed the men by mistake.
(c) That he was using self defence.
(d) That the men he'd shot was a terrorist.

3. What is Steve Glickman's nickname?
(a) The Horse.
(b) Mr. Red.
(c) The Camel.
(d) Mr. Blue.

4. Who calls a meeting at the end of the chapter?
(a) Trentkamp.
(b) Carroll.
(c) The President.
(d) Berger.

5. Why are Alry Simmons and Robert Havens in the Federal Reserve Bank?
(a) To withdraw money.
(b) To examine the building.
(c) To investigate terrorists.
(d) To carry out a FBI investigation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the name of Carroll's wife?

2. Who does Carroll want Freddie to tell him about?

3. Walter Trentkamp makes a point of agreeing with what?

4. What is Caitlin using to find out information about the 1929 stock market crash?

5. What was Caitlin's father forced into?

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