Objects & Places from Black Friday

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Walgreen's Drugstore, Brooklyn

Where Harry Stemkowsky goes to use the pay phone to deliver Green Band's recorded message to the FBI.

Pinnacle Club

Where the top financial leaders go to consider the Green Band threat.

Sinbad Star Restaurant

Where Arch Carroll kills the Lebanese Butcher and wounds the two Iraqi men.

South Ocean Boulevard , Florida

Where the arrest of Diego Alvarez happens.

Dream Donut and Coffee

Where Harry Stemkowsky eats breakfast each morning.


The department store where Francois Monserrat kills Isabella Marqueza.

Societe Generale

The French Financial District bank building where Carroll meets with Mr. Chevron just before Chevron is shot and killed and Carroll himself is wounded.


The Russian version of Camp David where the Russian dignitaries meet for an early breakfast.

Shannon Airport, Ireland

Where security is controlled by Thomas O'Neil who approves the shipment of more than a billion dollars worth of stolen...

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