Black Friday Character Descriptions

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Arch Carroll

A New York cop, he has spent his time raising his four children, drinking too much and taking incredible risks at work. He says that he realizes what he's doing, but seems powerless to stop.

Caitlin Dillon

Director of Enforcement for the SEC's Division of Trading and Exchange, she admits that she's proud of her six-figure income but sometimes wants to throw it all away and have a baby.

Walter Trentkamp, also known as Monserrat

The Federal Bureau of Investigations Eastern Bureau Chief. As it turns out, he is Monsarrat, the terrorist. He says that he has always been with the Russians.

The terrorist is an elusive person some officials believe does not really exist but is actually the combined identity of several people.

Colonel David Hudson

A former officer in Vietnam and becomes leader of Green Band. He was trained by the U.S. Government...

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