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Short Answer Questions

1. After Jenny and Jeremy visited Majdanek, how long was it before they spoke to one another?

2. In Part Two when Bernard questions Jeremy about what June spoke of when they discussed the memoir, what does he ask?

3. What does Jeremy do in Lublin that is so uncharacteristic of him?

4. What time of day does Jeremy return to the bergerie?

5. When does Jeremy state he intended to originally end the memoir he is writing?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Jeremy afraid when he goes to open the bergerie after it had been closed up for two months?

2. How does it come to be that all of the hotel patrons end up eating dinner at the same time?

3. When Bernard finishes telling Jeremy the story in Part Two of how Bernard thought women and men think differently, and that women such as June think in magical terms, what is Jeremy thinking?

4. In Part Three when Jeremy and Bernard are at the airport, how does Bernard answer Jeremy's question about the black dogs?

5. When Bernard and Jeremy get the key from Gunter to an apartment they will stay at in Berlin, how is Gunter right when he tells them it is not a good idea to go to the Wall?

6. When Jeremy and Jenny first speak to each other of their parents, what intrigues Jeremy?

7. What would be an apt description of the small family staying at the hotel?

8. When Bernard calls Jeremy and Jenny to tell them the Berlin Wall is coming down, how do they react?

9. When Jeremy first meets Jenny at a convention, why is that he can't get to speak to her alone?

10. What is it that Jeremy mulls over as having discouraged him from rushing to open the electrical cupboard to turn on the lights, and why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When the story that the Maire told about the black dogs is explained, how does this affect June? How does it explain the dogs she saw and her premonition about them?

Essay Topic 2

June's black dogs and Bernard's caterpillars are symbolic of their separate ways of viewing the world. How is that so?

Essay Topic 3

As early as the Preface of the book, Jeremy states that the simplest way of restoring a lost parent is to become a parent yourself. What do you think he meant by this statement? How is it true or false? How does this statement reflect Jeremy's relationship with Sally?

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