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Short Answer Questions

1. Jeremy hears a running conversation in his head while in the bergerie, alone. Who is talking in his head?

2. What does Jeremy ask Bernard when he speaks of June and Bernard's love for one another?

3. When Jenny told Jeremy she considered him a friend and touched his hand, what happened next?

4. Jeremy believes the man in the crowd holding a Communist flag is of a certain nationality. What is it?

5. How did Jenny astound Jeremy within the second week of meeting him at the convention?

Short Essay Questions

1. What would be an apt description of the small family staying at the hotel?

2. What does Jeremy imagine Bernard would be telling him about June's perceived presence in the bergerie?

3. When Jeremy and Bernard begin to discuss things that June told Jeremy for her memoir, what is Bernard's initial reaction?

4. Bernard talks to Jeremy about he and June staying in a little town on their way home from Italy and on the way to the gorge. Bernard had been with only June for hours without any time alone. How does he feel when he goes out for a walk and is alone with his thoughts?

5. When Jeremy is working outside the bergerie the day after he arrives, he is pruning peach trees. What do Bernard and June say to one another in his imagination?

6. When Bernard and June are waiting at the train station to go into Arles, why do they walk into town instead of continuing to wait?

7. When Bernard asks Jeremy to accompany him to Berlin, what makes him agree even though he is due to be in France?

8. What do the father and mother do to the boy at dinner?

9. When Bernard calls Jeremy and Jenny to tell them the Berlin Wall is coming down, how do they react?

10. When Jeremy and Jenny first speak to each other of their parents, what intrigues Jeremy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What problems do the three main characters in this story encounter? Do they manage to resolve them by the end of the book?

Essay Topic 2

Jeremy is obsessed with studying the photograph of June as a young woman. What makes the photograph so appealing to him? Why? How does the appeal of the photograph of June contrast with the time in history the photograph was taken?

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast June and Bernard's personalities and belief systems.

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