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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What were Bernard's feelings about June's commitment to the Communist Party after the incident with the insect in Part Two?
(a) That she was more committed than he was.
(b) That she had only pretended to believe in it all along.
(c) That she had her own strange ideas and might not stick with it.
(d) He saw her leaning toward the defunct Nazi Party.

2. Where did Jeremy and Jenny first meet?
(a) In Brussels.
(b) In England.
(c) In Poland.
(d) In France.

3. Who calls Jeremy late at night to give him news of Berlin?
(a) Sally.
(b) Bernard.
(c) Jenny.
(d) Harper.

4. Bernard accuses June of having left the Party years before he did, but for a different reason. What was her reason, according to Bernard?
(a) June saw a tragic flaw in Communism and became an atheist.
(b) June wanted to be as different from Bernard as she could be.
(c) June wanted to trade that utopian ideal for another.
(d) She converted to Stalinism.

5. Where does Jeremy realize he and Bernard had seen the woman and her friend who helps them to a taxi?
(a) At the Dolmen.
(b) At the Brandenburg Gate.
(c) As part of the group of teenagers.
(d) In London years ago.

Short Answer Questions

1. When do Jenny and Jeremy end up getting married?

2. When Jeremy, in Part Two, tells Bernard what June spoke about in a personal way about the two of them, how does Bernard react?

3. How did Jenny astound Jeremy within the second week of meeting him at the convention?

4. What happens to the boy having dinner at the hotel?

5. How long did Bernard stay in the Communist Party?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Jeremy is working outside the bergerie the day after he arrives, he is pruning peach trees. What do Bernard and June say to one another in his imagination?

2. Bernard tells Jeremy as they are walking toward the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin that he thought certain things about June for the first six months after she died. What does he tell Jeremy?

3. How does the taxi driver's intervention in Bernard's speech during the cab ride affect him?

4. In Part Three when Jeremy and Bernard are at the airport, how does Bernard answer Jeremy's question about the black dogs?

5. When Bernard and June are waiting at the train station to go into Arles, why do they walk into town instead of continuing to wait?

6. What do the father and mother do to the boy at dinner?

7. When Jeremy becomes part of a squabble with a father in the hotel, why does he feel it to be a drama played out for his behalf?

8. What does Jeremy imagine Bernard would be telling him about June's perceived presence in the bergerie?

9. When Jeremy and Bernard begin to discuss things that June told Jeremy for her memoir, what is Bernard's initial reaction?

10. When Bernard asks Jeremy to accompany him to Berlin, what makes him agree even though he is due to be in France?

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