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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Jeremy spoke with Bernard, how did he feel about June?
(a) He was glad he knew her.
(b) He felt sorry for her.
(c) He knew June was outlandishlly wrong about the world.
(d) He felt June was right in her world beliefs.

2. What completely overshadowed Jeremy and Jenny's life until their first child was born?
(a) Bernard's drinking.
(b) June's illness.
(c) Jeremy's work.
(d) Jenny's inability to have a child.

3. In Part 1, what is it that Jeremy is thinking as he stares at June's photograph as a young newlywed?
(a) That she looks happier now than she did then.
(b) That she looks better now than she did then.
(c) How much she had changed.
(d) How beautiful she still was.

4. What was Bernard's profession?
(a) A medical doctor.
(b) A veterinarian.
(c) An entomologist.
(d) A politician.

5. Why did Jeremy persist in his friendship with his in-laws?
(a) They were constantly at his home.
(b) They were so alike in all ways.
(c) He loved them.
(d) Due to a lifetime habit of befriending parental figures.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Jeremy's reaction to discovering what June and Bernard's obsession together had been?

2. What organization did June join when she was eighteen-years-old?

3. From what point of view is the novel written?

4. According to Jeremy, looking after children is one way of what?

5. To whom does Jeremy dedicate his memoir?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Bernard's grandson, Alexander, asks his cousin, Harry, at June's burial when his grandma will be coming back, how does Harry's answer nearly sum up June's and Bernard's relationship problems?

2. In what way did Sally react when she could hear her parents having one of their violent arguments?

3. What do you think the black dogs in June's story represent?

4. How did Jeremy feel about leaving home for Oxford and being free to live on his own?

5. When Jeremy and Bernard share a cab to the airport, what do they talk about?

6. When Jeremy and Jenny first speak to each other of their parents, what intrigues Jeremy?

7. When Jeremy first meets Jenny at a convention, why is that he can't get to speak to her alone?

8. Why did Jeremy feel that Toby Langley did not appreciate his parents?

9. Although June and Bernard appear to be living separate lives in Part One, why does Bernard visit her and want news of her from Jeremy?

10. What does Jeremy imagine Bernard would be telling him about June's perceived presence in the bergerie?

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