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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is inferred in the last sentence of the Preface?
(a) June and Bernard haunt Jeremy's home.
(b) June and Bernard never forgive Jeremy.
(c) Jeremy believes in ghosts and spiritualism.
(d) June and Bernard are dead.

2. According to Jeremy, looking after children is one way of what?
(a) Getting love.
(b) Looking after yourself.
(c) Securing the future of the world.
(d) Educating them.

3. Besides Communism, what is one of June's other passions as a young girl?
(a) Reading literary novels.
(b) Cricket.
(c) The countryside.
(d) Financial matters.

4. What does June want to be the centerpiece of the memoir Jeremy is writing about her?
(a) The black dogs.
(b) A certain Christmas dinner.
(c) Her marriage to Bernard.
(d) Her divorce.

5. Why did Jeremy work so hard at studying for his A levels?
(a) To find the right girl at a new school.
(b) To attract an older woman.
(c) He wanted to go to university and leave home.
(d) He wanted to prove how smart he reallly was.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does June believe she discovered after the incident with the dogs?

2. How often did Jenny and her brothers see their parents?

3. Who did Jeremy tend to become friendly with?

4. What did June discover about herself the morning after the dolmen?

5. Why does Jeremy go knocking on his friend, Toby's, door?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Jeremy not ever return to Notting Hill?

2. What was it about his friends' parents that interested Jeremy?

3. Does Jeremy feel like a surrogate parent to Sally?

4. During one of her conversations with Jeremy, June talks about her obsessive relationship with Bernard and their love for one another that could not work. How does June find peace with this?

5. In what way do Jeremy and June disagree on June's reference to her story of the black dogs in Part One of the story?

6. When did Jeremy, in the Prologue, feel that he really began to exist or to live?

7. In what way did Sally react when she could hear her parents having one of their violent arguments?

8. In Part One, we know that Jeremy is a bit obsessed with looking at a photograph of June and Bernard that June keeps in her bedroom in the nursing home. What are Jeremy's predominant thoughts when he views the photo?

9. How does June feel that Bernard is so different from her?

10. Why did June and Bernard separate, according to the Preface?

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