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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Jenny's parents live when Jeremy first met them?
(a) In the South of France.
(b) In separate countries.
(c) In Australia.
(d) In North London.

2. As she lay ill in bed, who do we learn June is jealous of as regards Bernard?
(a) The nurses who chat with him.
(b) His secretary.
(c) His housekeeper.
(d) Any woman he meets.

3. When Jeremy spoke with Bernard, how did he feel about June?
(a) He was glad he knew her.
(b) He felt June was right in her world beliefs.
(c) He knew June was outlandishlly wrong about the world.
(d) He felt sorry for her.

4. What was June's basic view about life?
(a) Life was random.
(b) It had a purpose.
(c) It was best not to examine it.
(d) God had no hand in it.

5. What is it that Jeremy's young son, Alexander, keeps asking on the car ride to the cemetery?
(a) "Are we there yet?"
(b) "When is she coming back?"
(c) "WIll Grandpa die too?"
(d) "Why did Grandma die?"

Short Answer Questions

1. What does June believe she discovered after the incident with the dogs?

2. What were June and Bernard doing at the time the photograph in Part One was taken?

3. In what way did June become a spiritual person?

4. What was one of the reasons Jeremy did not pursue girls at the age of seventeen?

5. How did June get her doctor on her side and change the staff's attitude toward her?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Jeremy state that he naturally identifies with an abandoned child like Sally?

2. What thoughts are probably going through Jeremy's mind as he watches June plants flower bulbs?

3. How did Jeremy feel about leaving home for Oxford and being free to live on his own?

4. Why did Jeremy not ever return to Notting Hill?

5. When Bernard asks Jeremy to accompany him to Berlin, what makes him agree even though he is due to be in France?

6. When Bernard calls Jeremy and Jenny to tell them the Berlin Wall is coming down, how do they react?

7. Why is Jeremy afraid when he goes to open the bergerie after it had been closed up for two months?

8. When June decides to move to the bergerie in France, what happens to her children?

9. How does the story the Maire tells about Danielle Bertrand relate to June's story?

10. When did Jeremy, in the Prologue, feel that he really began to exist or to live?

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