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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What deformity did Jenny have at birth?
(a) A cleft mouth.
(b) A dent in her forehead.
(c) One toe missing on her right foot.
(d) A sixth finger on one hand.

2. What does Jenny tell Jeremy when he asks why she mentioned black dogs earlier?
(a) That she cannot talk about it.
(b) That she had read it somewhere.
(c) That it is a family phrase.
(d) That it was a dream she had.

3. Why is Part Two titled, "Berlin"?
(a) Bernard talks mostly about how communism began in Berlin.
(b) Jeremy focuses on his first meeting with Jenny in Berlin.
(c) June died in Berlin.
(d) Jeremy and Bernard go to see the Berlin wall come down.

4. What finally drew Bernard away from the Communist Party?
(a) June did.
(b) The contradictions between the reality and the fantasy of it.
(c) The Cold War.
(d) The difficulty in traveling to Russia.

5. Where did Jenny want to go while at the convention?
(a) To Krakow.
(b) To the movie theatre.
(c) To a concentration camp.
(d) Home.

6. How did Jenny astound Jeremy within the second week of meeting him at the convention?
(a) She asked him to go with her to Lublin.
(b) She spit into his face for no reason.
(c) She kissed him in front of all the men "in the race".
(d) She told him she wanted to marry him one day.

7. Where does Jeremy realize he and Bernard had seen the woman and her friend who helps them to a taxi?
(a) At the Dolmen.
(b) At the Brandenburg Gate.
(c) As part of the group of teenagers.
(d) In London years ago.

8. How does Bernard react to Jeremy's knowledge of where they had met the women who helped Bernard get to a taxi?
(a) He calls it a coincidence and changes the subject.
(b) He wants to track them down and get their phone numbers.
(c) With great anxiety and fear.
(d) Upset that he will not see them again.

9. When the father of the small boy at dinner lights a cigarette, why does that give Jeremy a tiny bit of relief?
(a) He hopes he can borrow a cigarette from him.
(b) The cigarette will not light.
(c) The man's hands are a little shaky.
(d) He knows the man will not bother him.

10. Who ends up saving Bernard from the teenagers?
(a) A West German policeman.
(b) An East German policeman.
(c) A young woman who yells at them.
(d) Jeremy.

11. What were Bernard's feelings about June's commitment to the Communist Party after the incident with the insect in Part Two?
(a) That she had only pretended to believe in it all along.
(b) That she had her own strange ideas and might not stick with it.
(c) That she was more committed than he was.
(d) He saw her leaning toward the defunct Nazi Party.

12. What does Jeremy do in Lublin that is so uncharacteristic of him?
(a) He shouts to the people around him that he is in love.
(b) He asks Jenny to marry him on the spot.
(c) He kisses Jenny spontaneously and professes his love.
(d) He gets very drunk and passes out.

13. In Part Two when Bernard questions Jeremy about what June spoke of when they discussed the memoir, what does he ask?
(a) How she felt about dying alone.
(b) Whether religion was something she really believed in.
(c) If she spoke about their lives in a very personal way.
(d) If she had turned back to Communism in the end.

14. When does Jeremy state he intended to originally end the memoir he is writing?
(a) At the point where he marries Jenny.
(b) After his visit to a concentration camp.
(c) After he gets up to leave the dolmen, taking a different path than his in-laws did.
(d) When he realizes that June and Bernard would never reconcile.

15. When Jeremy asks Bernard if he wants to sit and rest for a while as they make their way to a cafe, why does Bernard leave his side?
(a) To hurry towards the cafe on his own.
(b) To go towards a man with a Communist flag who is holding up traffic.
(c) To make a speech about Communism's fall to small crowd.
(d) To chat with the American soldiers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why won't Bernard make conversation with the taxi driver who takes him to the airport?

2. What does Mme. Auriac give the little boy who got hurt?

3. When do Jenny and Jeremy end up getting married?

4. When Bernard and Jeremy are at the Berlin Wall, why are some of the crowd watching and listening to them both?

5. What was Bernard's attitude towards the insect and, as he understands now, most things and June?

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