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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bernard tell Jeremy they are standing near when they come upon a very large hole?
(a) Hitler's bunker.
(b) The Nazi Party's last battle with the enemy.
(c) A mass grave site for Russian soldiers.
(d) An old Gestapo headquarters.

2. How does Jenny react when Jeremy tells her that he thinks he is going mad with listening to these conversations in his head?
(a) She tells him to rush to a hospital.
(b) She cries.
(c) She lets him know that he asked for it.
(d) She implies that she will rush over to be with him.

3. What does Jenny tell Jeremy when he asks why she mentioned black dogs earlier?
(a) That she cannot talk about it.
(b) That it was a dream she had.
(c) That it is a family phrase.
(d) That she had read it somewhere.

4. When Jeremy speaks to the father eating dinner in the hotel, what grammatical error does he make?
(a) He speaks in the familiar rather than the more formal way.
(b) He says "my" instead of "your" jaw.
(c) He calls the man a woman.
(d) He leaves verbs out of his sentence.

5. What is the name of the woman in the crowd who Bernard notes looks a little bit like June?
(a) Astrid.
(b) Helga.
(c) Grete.
(d) Maria.

6. Who ends up saving Bernard from the teenagers?
(a) Jeremy.
(b) An East German policeman.
(c) A young woman who yells at them.
(d) A West German policeman.

7. What is the name of the Hotel des Tilleuls' owner?
(a) Maurice Navacelles.
(b) Monique Auriac.
(c) Danielle Bertrand.
(d) Francois Gauloises.

8. What finally drew Bernard away from the Communist Party?
(a) The difficulty in traveling to Russia.
(b) The Cold War.
(c) The contradictions between the reality and the fantasy of it.
(d) June did.

9. What did the sign posted outside of Majdanek's main entrance not mention?
(a) That Jews had died there.
(b) Americans had died there.
(c) Black dogs were once there.
(d) It was once a concentration camp.

10. What does Jeremy discover on the switchboard cover in the bergerie?
(a) A black widow spider.
(b) A cockroach.
(c) A snake.
(d) A scorpion.

11. Why does Bernard stare at girls on the street?
(a) He is looking for a trace of the old June.
(b) He thinks of his daughter, Jenny.
(c) He is attracted to beautiful young women.
(d) He wonders if they could be converted to the Party.

12. When Bernard and Jeremy are at the Berlin Wall, why are some of the crowd watching and listening to them both?
(a) Jeremy is screaming that Bernard is the father he never had.
(b) Jeremy is yelling at Bernard about love.
(c) Bernard is crying loudly, asking for June.
(d) They are hitting one another in the arm.

13. How does Bernard react to Jeremy's knowledge of where they had met the women who helped Bernard get to a taxi?
(a) He wants to track them down and get their phone numbers.
(b) With great anxiety and fear.
(c) Upset that he will not see them again.
(d) He calls it a coincidence and changes the subject.

14. Bernard quotes some lines attributed to Isaiah Berlin to Jeremy. What are they about?
(a) The fatal quality of utopia.
(b) The risks of Communism.
(c) Freedom of choice for all people.
(d) Hitler's Nazi Party.

15. When the father of the small boy at dinner lights a cigarette, why does that give Jeremy a tiny bit of relief?
(a) The cigarette will not light.
(b) He knows the man will not bother him.
(c) He hopes he can borrow a cigarette from him.
(d) The man's hands are a little shaky.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jeremy do in Lublin that is so uncharacteristic of him?

2. Jeremy believes the man in the crowd holding a Communist flag is of a certain nationality. What is it?

3. What does Mme. Auriac give the little boy who got hurt?

4. When the teenagers take their leave, how do they do it without losing face?

5. What are Jeremy and Bernard walking towards in Part Two to get to a better section of the Wall?

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