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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part Two when Bernard questions Jeremy about what June spoke of when they discussed the memoir, what does he ask?
(a) If she had turned back to Communism in the end.
(b) Whether religion was something she really believed in.
(c) How she felt about dying alone.
(d) If she spoke about their lives in a very personal way.

2. What does Jenny tell Jeremy when he asks why she mentioned black dogs earlier?
(a) That it was a dream she had.
(b) That she had read it somewhere.
(c) That she cannot talk about it.
(d) That it is a family phrase.

3. What does June tell Bernard shortly after they are married and Bernard kills an insect?
(a) That he is a brilliant man of science.
(b) That she is pregnant.
(c) She wants an annulment.
(d) She now hates him.

4. What symbol do some of the teenage boys who harass Bernard have on their selves?
(a) Swastikas.
(b) Skull and crossbones.
(c) Peace signs.
(d) Sickle and hammers.

5. When Bernard and Jeremy are at the Berlin Wall, why are some of the crowd watching and listening to them both?
(a) Jeremy is screaming that Bernard is the father he never had.
(b) Jeremy is yelling at Bernard about love.
(c) Bernard is crying loudly, asking for June.
(d) They are hitting one another in the arm.

6. How does Bernard refer to June's preoccupation with the spiritual world in Part Two?
(a) Hocus-pocus.
(b) Born Again Christianity.
(c) Bohemianism.
(d) New Agism.

7. What does Jeremy do with the father who had been eating dinner with his family?
(a) He punches and kicks him.
(b) He only stares at him.
(c) He has a pleasant conversation about the dolmen with him.
(d) He gives him a lecture about children.

8. When Jeremy speaks to the father eating dinner in the hotel, what grammatical error does he make?
(a) He speaks in the familiar rather than the more formal way.
(b) He leaves verbs out of his sentence.
(c) He calls the man a woman.
(d) He says "my" instead of "your" jaw.

9. Who ends up saving Bernard from the teenagers?
(a) A young woman who yells at them.
(b) Jeremy.
(c) An East German policeman.
(d) A West German policeman.

10. Why was Jeremy unable to eat his breakfast at the convention where he met Jenny?
(a) He threw up every time he ran into Jenny so he stopped eating.
(b) At first sight of her at breakfast, he became lovesick and lost his appetite.
(c) He could not bare to see Jenny at breakfast so he skipped it.
(d) He found her distant and annoying at the breakfast table.

11. In Part Two, Bernard and Jeremy see a deserted watchtower over sand that conceal land mines. What do they see there?
(a) Nothing but memories.
(b) A child running.
(c) Rats.
(d) Rabbits.

12. What are Jeremy and Bernard walking towards in Part Two to get to a better section of the Wall?
(a) The East Berlin police headquarters.
(b) Checkpoint Charlie.
(c) The Brandenburg Gate.
(d) Towards the media trucks.

13. How does Jenny react when Jeremy tells her that he thinks he is going mad with listening to these conversations in his head?
(a) She tells him to rush to a hospital.
(b) She implies that she will rush over to be with him.
(c) She cries.
(d) She lets him know that he asked for it.

14. After Jenny and Jeremy visited Majdanek, how long was it before they spoke to one another?
(a) Two days.
(b) An hour.
(c) 24 hours.
(d) Five minutes.

15. When does Jeremy state he intended to originally end the memoir he is writing?
(a) After his visit to a concentration camp.
(b) At the point where he marries Jenny.
(c) When he realizes that June and Bernard would never reconcile.
(d) After he gets up to leave the dolmen, taking a different path than his in-laws did.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jeremy discover on the switchboard cover in the bergerie?

2. Jeremy believes the man in the crowd holding a Communist flag is of a certain nationality. What is it?

3. Why won't Bernard make conversation with the taxi driver who takes him to the airport?

4. When Bernard finally thanks the person who saved him from the teenagers, how does he do it?

5. What were Bernard's feelings about June's commitment to the Communist Party after the incident with the insect in Part Two?

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