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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part Two, what news does Bernard have when he calls Jeremy and Jenny at home?
(a) The Berlin Wall is coming down.
(b) He was getting remarried soon.
(c) He is leaving for a vacation in Germany.
(d) He is very ill and may be dying.

2. What is it about a small boy dining at the hotel that touches Jeremy?
(a) The boy's friendliless towards everyone.
(b) He feels the boy's loneliness.
(c) The boy is very obedient to his family.
(d) Jeremy has a grown-up conversation with him.

3. Bernard quotes some lines attributed to Isaiah Berlin to Jeremy. What are they about?
(a) The risks of Communism.
(b) Hitler's Nazi Party.
(c) The fatal quality of utopia.
(d) Freedom of choice for all people.

4. When a group of teenagers surround Bernard, what does he tell them?
(a) To take pity on him.
(b) To explain their tatoos.
(c) To march with the crowd.
(d) To take off and leave.

5. Bernard accuses June of having left the Party years before he did, but for a different reason. What was her reason, according to Bernard?
(a) June wanted to trade that utopian ideal for another.
(b) June wanted to be as different from Bernard as she could be.
(c) She converted to Stalinism.
(d) June saw a tragic flaw in Communism and became an atheist.

6. What deformity did Jenny have at birth?
(a) One toe missing on her right foot.
(b) A dent in her forehead.
(c) A cleft mouth.
(d) A sixth finger on one hand.

7. Why is Part Two titled, "Berlin"?
(a) Bernard talks mostly about how communism began in Berlin.
(b) Jeremy focuses on his first meeting with Jenny in Berlin.
(c) June died in Berlin.
(d) Jeremy and Bernard go to see the Berlin wall come down.

8. Why won't Bernard make conversation with the taxi driver who takes him to the airport?
(a) Bernard is afraid the argument will get violent.
(b) He does not speak French.
(c) Bernard does not want to pay the fare.
(d) He is too "real" and "common" for Bernard to deal with.

9. When Bernard talks about June's wanting to living apart from him in Part Two, what does he refer to himself as?
(a) Her magical fantasy.
(b) One of her eggs.
(c) A thing she toyed with.
(d) Her experiment.

10. When the father of the small boy at dinner lights a cigarette, why does that give Jeremy a tiny bit of relief?
(a) The cigarette will not light.
(b) The man's hands are a little shaky.
(c) He knows the man will not bother him.
(d) He hopes he can borrow a cigarette from him.

11. Who holds the little boy who fell to the floor?
(a) The waitress.
(b) Mme. Auriac.
(c) The cook.
(d) The woman from Paris.

12. What does Jenny tell Jeremy when he asks why she mentioned black dogs earlier?
(a) That it was a dream she had.
(b) That she had read it somewhere.
(c) That she cannot talk about it.
(d) That it is a family phrase.

13. When Jenny told Jeremy she considered him a friend and touched his hand, what happened next?
(a) He stood still, not knowing what to do.
(b) He told her he had a girlfriend in England.
(c) He backed away.
(d) He kissed her.

14. What was Jeremy's reason for his five hour walk to the dolmen?
(a) To exercise in a spot he knew well.
(b) To recreate Bernard and June's love before their big quarrel began.
(c) To consider his relationship with Jenny.
(d) To allign himself with nature the way June and Bernard once did.

15. What does Mme. Auriac give the little boy who got hurt?
(a) Ice cream.
(b) An ice pack.
(c) Bandages.
(d) A cold soda.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Jeremy unable to eat his breakfast at the convention where he met Jenny?

2. What does Jeremy do with the father who had been eating dinner with his family?

3. Jeremy believes the man in the crowd holding a Communist flag is of a certain nationality. What is it?

4. Where does Jeremy realize he and Bernard had seen the woman and her friend who helps them to a taxi?

5. What feeling does Jeremy get when he enters the family chalet?

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