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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the cultural convention where Jeremy first met Jenny, why were the men "in a race" to get to Jenny first?
(a) She was beautiful, the only woman there, and very distant towards them.
(b) She was pretty, extremely fun to be with, and outgoing.
(c) She flirted with all of the men there.
(d) She was the prettiest woman out of the five other women there.

2. What does Jeremy do with the father who had been eating dinner with his family?
(a) He has a pleasant conversation about the dolmen with him.
(b) He gives him a lecture about children.
(c) He punches and kicks him.
(d) He only stares at him.

3. What is it about a small boy dining at the hotel that touches Jeremy?
(a) Jeremy has a grown-up conversation with him.
(b) The boy's friendliless towards everyone.
(c) He feels the boy's loneliness.
(d) The boy is very obedient to his family.

4. What does Jeremy discover on the switchboard cover in the bergerie?
(a) A snake.
(b) A cockroach.
(c) A scorpion.
(d) A black widow spider.

5. When Bernard finally thanks the person who saved him from the teenagers, how does he do it?
(a) He only smiles.
(b) He thanks her without looking at her face.
(c) He kisses her hand in thanks.
(d) He offers her money as a thank you gift.

6. Why won't Bernard make conversation with the taxi driver who takes him to the airport?
(a) Bernard does not want to pay the fare.
(b) Bernard is afraid the argument will get violent.
(c) He is too "real" and "common" for Bernard to deal with.
(d) He does not speak French.

7. Why is Part Two titled, "Berlin"?
(a) Jeremy focuses on his first meeting with Jenny in Berlin.
(b) Bernard talks mostly about how communism began in Berlin.
(c) Jeremy and Bernard go to see the Berlin wall come down.
(d) June died in Berlin.

8. How long did Bernard stay in the Communist Party?
(a) Ten years.
(b) Twenty years.
(c) Thirty years.
(d) All his life so far.

9. After leaving Berlin and Bernard, where does Jeremy go?
(a) To the Hotel Wisla.
(b) Home to Jenny and the chidren.
(c) To the bergerie.
(d) To Potsdmerplatz.

10. When Jeremy speaks to the father eating dinner in the hotel, what grammatical error does he make?
(a) He calls the man a woman.
(b) He says "my" instead of "your" jaw.
(c) He speaks in the familiar rather than the more formal way.
(d) He leaves verbs out of his sentence.

11. Bernard accuses June of having left the Party years before he did, but for a different reason. What was her reason, according to Bernard?
(a) June saw a tragic flaw in Communism and became an atheist.
(b) She converted to Stalinism.
(c) June wanted to trade that utopian ideal for another.
(d) June wanted to be as different from Bernard as she could be.

12. When do Jenny and Jeremy end up getting married?
(a) Three years after meeting.
(b) The day after their first excursion together.
(c) Ten months after they first meet.
(d) They never actually marry.

13. Jeremy hears a running conversation in his head while in the bergerie, alone. Who is talking in his head?
(a) Jenny and he.
(b) June and Bernard.
(c) Sally and Jean.
(d) June and Jenny.

14. Where does Jeremy stop for a beer while walking through St. Maurice?
(a) In a bar in the next town over.
(b) In the woods.
(c) At a farm, La Prunarede.
(d) The hotel where June and Bernard honeymooned.

15. In Part Two, Bernard and Jeremy see a deserted watchtower over sand that conceal land mines. What do they see there?
(a) Rats.
(b) Nothing but memories.
(c) A child running.
(d) Rabbits.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who calls Jeremy late at night to give him news of Berlin?

2. In Part Three of the book, Jeremy asks Bernard to tell him the details of a story. Which story is that?

3. When Bernard and Jeremy are at the Berlin Wall, why are some of the crowd watching and listening to them both?

4. Upon Jeremy's return to the hotel after his walk to the dolmen, what does he overhear in the kitchen?

5. How does Bernard refer to June's preoccupation with the spiritual world in Part Two?

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