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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Dolmen de la Prunarede?
(a) Jeremy's home town.
(b) The place where June and Bernard married.
(c) An ancient burial site that became a family site.
(d) Jenny's ideal place to live.

2. When Jeremy spoke with Bernard, how did he feel about June?
(a) He felt June was right in her world beliefs.
(b) He was glad he knew her.
(c) He knew June was outlandishlly wrong about the world.
(d) He felt sorry for her.

3. What is it that June dreaded when thinking about marriage?
(a) Housework.
(b) The honeymoon.
(c) Shopping for groceries.
(d) Having babies.

4. What did Jean think of Jeremy's friend, Toby?
(a) She secretly was in love with him.
(b) She had no feelings towards him at all.
(c) She had never met him.
(d) She hated him.

5. What did June discover about herself the morning after the dolmen?
(a) She had physical courage.
(b) She could not have children.
(c) She was a tired woman.
(d) She loved another man.

6. Who did Jeremy tend to become friendly with?
(a) Little girls of three to five-years-old.
(b) No one.
(c) Other college students.
(d) Parents of people his age.

7. What is happening in Jean and Harper's relationship?
(a) They are expecting another child.
(b) They are engaged.
(c) They are coming apart.
(d) They have decided to have an "open marriage".

8. Where did Toby Langley spend some of his childhood?
(a) In the Middle East, Kenya, and Venezuela.
(b) In the United States and Mexico.
(c) In Notting Hill.
(d) At Oxford.

9. What did Harper do for a living?
(a) He was a bouncer at a bar.
(b) He was a security guard.
(c) He worked in a bank.
(d) He was a part-time teaher.

10. In what way were June and Bernard alike in the beginning of their relationship?
(a) They both enjoyed theater and music.
(b) They were ophans.
(c) They were both communists.
(d) They were very spiritual.

11. Besides Communism, what is one of June's other passions as a young girl?
(a) Financial matters.
(b) The countryside.
(c) Cricket.
(d) Reading literary novels.

12. When June tells Jeremy that she and Bernard are "obsessed", to what is she referring?
(a) Their children.
(b) Finding a cure for her.
(c) Their sexual life together.
(d) The need to gain governmental control.

13. What were June and Bernard doing at the time the photograph in Part One was taken?
(a) They had just secretly eloped.
(b) They were taking in the sights of Paris.
(c) Bernard had just told June that he loved her.
(d) They signed up as members of the Communist Party.

14. How did June get her doctor on her side and change the staff's attitude toward her?
(a) Jeremy brought Swiss chocolates to eveyone quite often.
(b) She told them they would all be in her book.
(c) She let her intelligence and thoughtfulness be known.
(d) She bribed them with money.

15. What was June's job when she first encountered Bernard?
(a) French teacher for foreign diplomat's children.
(b) Interpreter and occasional translator of French documents.
(c) Socialist Party leader.
(d) Senator's secretary.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was June's basic view about life?

2. What was it about the photograph of June and Bernard that Jeremy kept looking at that was so appealing to him?

3. In what way did Jeremy identify with Sally?

4. What did Jeremy think of his friends' need to disassociate themselves from their parents?

5. Why did Jeremy persist in his friendship with his in-laws?

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