Black Dogs Character Descriptions

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Jeremy - This character defines his story as being an orphan. An emotional tie to this character's in-laws is deeply felt.

June Tremaine - This character dies early in the story from leukemia and her memoir is being written by the narrator.

Bernard Tremaine - This stubborn and skeptical character became a communist out of love of creating a utopian society where all men and women are truly equal.

Jenny Tremaine - This character is the narrator's wife.

Mme. Auriac - This character is the proprietor of the Hôtel de Tilleuls in St. Maurice.

The Maire of St. Maurice de Navacelles - This character relayed the story about the black dogs in St. Maurice to the honeymooning couple.

Danielle Bertrand - This character was raped by the Gestapo, and some say, by their dogs as well.

The Berger - This character is the French shepherd that...

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