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• Jeremy and his sister, Jean, lost their parents in a car accident when Jeremy was eight-years-old.

• At the time the story is written, Jeremy is seventeen.

• Jean has a three-year-old daughter named Sally and a husband, Harper.
• Jeremy, Jean, Harper and Sally live together in an estate they inherited.
• Jeremy likes looking after Sally, as his sister and brother-in-law barely do so.

• Jeremy plays with Sally and keeps her company.
• Harper and Jean have violent arguments.

• Sally hears the arguments and tries to pretend they are just silly instances.
• Jeremy latches onto his friends' parents, going to their homes and enjoying their company.

• Jeremy realizes that if his parents were alive, he probably would not want to spend so much time with older people.

• Jeremy sees Sally as a sort of orphan, alone and neglected.
• Jeremy marries Jenny and tries to spend time with her separated parents...

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