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Greg Iles
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Anna to do while Stern is inside with the gas cylinders in Chapter 33?
(a) Start a fire in the building.
(b) Block the second exit in the hospital.
(c) Stay out of harm's way.
(d) Create a distraction.

2. What is Ben Jansen being used as in the testing in Chapter 39?
(a) The control.
(b) The entertainment.
(c) The translator.
(d) The lookout.

3. What happens to Sturm when he accuses Schorner of his affair with Rachel?
(a) He is shipped to Russia.
(b) Schorner beats him up.
(c) He is promoted immediately.
(d) Everyone laughs at him.

4. What causes Jonas to drive the ferry blindly?
(a) He is under gunfire from Schorner.
(b) The sky has gone dark again.
(c) A whirling snowstorm.
(d) The chemicals have made him blind.

5. What does Anna suggest as a place to save the prisoners during the gassing of the soldiers in the camp?
(a) The basement of the building.
(b) The barn.
(c) The mess hall.
(d) The gas chamber.

6. What does Brigadier Smith hear while monitoring the radio in Chapter 47?
(a) That his men have turned traitor.
(b) The mission was an utter failure.
(c) A German counter-attack plan.
(d) Jonas saying the mission has been completed.

7. What are Mark and Jonas doing when Sabine arrives at the cottage?
(a) Having a vicious argument.
(b) Cooking a meal.
(c) Praying with a priest.
(d) Practicing with their protective suits.

8. What does Schorner do with Stern while he goes to find Anna?
(a) Ties him to a chair.
(b) Leaves him to Sturm for questioning.
(c) He releases him into the woods.
(d) He brings him along.

9. What does Sturm have time to do before Anna kills him?
(a) Kill Ariel.
(b) Set off an explosive.
(c) Kill Hannah.
(d) Radio for backup.

10. How does Jonas deliver the cylinders to the camp in Chapter 32?
(a) By the cable system set up previously.
(b) He takes them in by hand.
(c) He bribes a Nazi soldier to take them in.
(d) He crashes the gate with a Jeep.

11. What does Anna see that tells her they have been caught in Chapter 43?
(a) Two sets of lights headed towards the cottage.
(b) Jonas' body.
(c) A Nazi flag being raised.
(d) A fire blazing in the camp.

12. What do Jonas and Anna do with Hannah?
(a) Pray with her.
(b) Kill her to save her from a painful death.
(c) Wrap her in a plastic sheet.
(d) Hide her in the truck.

13. What does Jonas yell at the SS soldiers for at the start of Chapter 42?
(a) Being drunk on duty.
(b) Their disheveled appearance.
(c) Smoking near gas tanks.
(d) Not saluting a senior officer.

14. What does Stern's father refuse to do?
(a) Help his son's mission.
(b) Leave the camp without the other prisoners.
(c) Support the Allied forces.
(d) Admit he was wrong.

15. Who are the members of the Polish resistance that Anna, Mark and Stern meet with?
(a) Milos and Piotr.
(b) Stan and Milkos.
(c) Albert and William.
(d) Robertsky and Jules.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sturm plan to attack Schorner in Chapter 29?

2. What does Ariel come to the cottage to tell Anna?

3. What does Sturm bribe an officer to do in Chapter 29?

4. What does Anna find when she returns to work in Chapter 38?

5. Why does Schorner admit he overlooked Anna as a possible traitor?

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